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Secure, scalable cloud object storage for budget-conscious federal, state, and local governments, municipalities, and school systems.  

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Public sector

Doing more with less

While the adoption of AI, data analytics, surveillance, and smart cities is widespread across the public sector, this surge in technology usage generates vast amounts of data that overwhelms aging storage infrastructures and IT budgets.  

With pressure to match innovative services of the private sector on tighter budgets, Wasabi can help you innovate with next-generation cloud storage.

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Unlock performance and affordability

Stop settling for sluggish, budget-friendly cloud storage tiers that sacrifice speed and instant data retrieval. Our hot cloud storage is both fast and affordable, with no fees for egress or API requests. Break free from the hyperscalers.


Store confidently by complying with government and industry data privacy and retention regulations like CJIS, HIPAA, FERPA, SOC-2, and ISO 27001.

Scalable performance

Active archive storage that's faster than the competition allows you to scale in ways you never could with budget-killing hyperscalers.


Predictable costs

With no fees related to egress or API requests, enjoy significant savings and a predictable monthly cost that frees up your tight budget.

Secure protection

Keep your data private and protected with U.S. data sovereignty, data encrypted at rest and in motion, and data immutability.

Case Study

Hardin County finds affordable path to hybrid cloud

Public sector budgets are tight, leaving little room for real-life events like outages or natural disasters. Hardin County leverages Wasabi to back up critical assets while accessing their data anytime they need it.

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Wasabi not only met my budget requirements, but their policy of not charging for egress or API calls is ideal because I can’t add funding to that budget line every time we pull data or do more testing in a given month.

Aaron Miller, Director of IT – Hardin County Government

Free up your budget, and your data, for innovation

Explore the many ways you can put your data to work with Wasabi.

    Big Data

    Backup & Recovery

    Ensure data remains safe and secure

    Migrate private and sensitive assets to a compliant-first cloud environment to secure data from unforeseen events like cyber threats and natural disasters. Add immutability with Object Lock for the ultimate in cyber resilience.
    Explore Backup & Recovery

    Active Archiving

    Offload and scale as data volumes increase

    Provide a backend, elastic storage infrastructure to support vast amounts of data needed for e-government initiatives. Wasabi's easy to understand pricing model makes forecasting your costs simple, and our always-on "hot" storage means you're never more than a moment away from your data.
    Surveillance CS

    Video Surveillance

    Securing data, protecting citizens

    Capture and preserve hours of traffic and municipal surveillance video in Wasabi's scalable storage vault. Wasabi makes it easy to retain valuable surveillance data for months longer than traditional storage devices and provides instant access to footage the moment it's needed.

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    Product Use Case Brief

    Data AI


    Storage that's up to code

    Store sensitive data with confidence in Wasabi's highly secure cloud. With compliance certifications from HIPAA, FERPA, and CJIS Wasabi is the perfect home for the critical data the public trusts us to protect.

    City Planning

    Smart Cities

    Streamline delivery of community services

    Integrate multiple city management systems to unify city operations and improve coordinated government aid. Use Wasabi Account Control Manager for a top-down view of all storage under management. Partition storage buckets, user access, and consolidate billing all from behind a single pane of glass.

    Case Study

    Analyst Report

    2024 Global Cloud Storage Index report

    From budgets and billing complexities to security, compliance, and multicloud management challenges, learn what your peers are thinking about these critical issues and explore strategies for overcoming them.

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    Cloud storage index

    Elevating public service organizations

    We work with a myriad of public sector organizations. Explore how we can help you streamline operations and scale affordably. 

    Federal, state & local government

    Empowering agencies with data efficiency

    With prolonged retention needs and immediate audit access requirements, storing varied unstructured data, such as video, audio, and scanned documents, poses challenges. See how our secure cloud object storage offers an efficient solution for consolidating intra- and inter-agency data.

    Casestudy Fallback
    Case studyCity of Beaumont chooses Wasabi and Rubrik to defend against ransomware

    The Wasabi-Rubrik solution fulfilled all the checkboxes when it came down to CJIS compliance and restore time. We couldn’t have chosen a better service for our city.

    – Edgar Trenado, Information Technology Manager, City of Beaumont, CA

    With Commvault and Wasabi our municipality can backup and restore our applications and services quickly, easily and economically.

    – Director of IT, major U.S. city 

    Safe and secure data is our top priority

    Cybersecurity experts like the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) advocate a layered "defense-in-depth" strategy to combat cyber threats.

    Wasabi follows this approach by prioritizing security best practices in our entire operating environment. We guarantee physical data center security, implement robust authentication controls, and encrypt data in transit and at rest. Additionally, we offer optional data immutability to safeguard against ransomware and malware.

    Explore Security

    Network security

    We use a variety of network security elements to monitor and control communications across internal and external network borders. These edge security devices segregate customers and restrict the flow of communications between networks to prevent unauthorized access.

    User authentication and authorization controls

    We support strong user passwords and multi-factor authentication to control access to stored data. We also support access control lists and role-based policies that let you selectively grant permissions to individual users, groups of users, or classes of users.

    Security audit trails

    We provide detailed access logs for security audits and threat remediation. Log records contain information about each access request such as the request type, accessed resources, date and time.

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    Imagine what you could do with the money you save when you migrate to Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage.

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