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iconik Smart Media Management with Wasabi

Key Features

  • Convenient access for geographically dispersed locations regardless of on-prem or the cloud.
  • Use AI to auto-tag or transcribe your media content
  • Adobe panel to find and add media from iconik into Adobe projects
  • Create custom actions and connect 3rd party cloud services with an open API


  • Manage media in less time with AI and an easy-to-use interface
  • Have a holistic view over an organization’s entire media library, no matter where files are stored
  • Encourage creative collaboration across departments and distances
  • Start small, think big, scale fast with true cloud elasticity. You never pay for more resources than you need with iconik’s fair billing.

Wasabi with iconik allows organizations to securely manage and share their media, no matter where it’s stored.

Companies in every industry are embracing the power of video to tell their corporate story. Teams are becoming more distributed and new tools are needed for creative collaboration. Traditional Media Asset Managers (MAM) solutions don’t provide the ease of use or the agility needed in many modern organizations.

When organizations use iconik, they can democratize their content among their people. Everybody can have what they need to tell a unified story and create new content. Editors across multiple geographic locations can work on video projects together, and media can be shared with anyone as needed for review and approval. Together with Wasabi, iconik allows users to store more data than ever thanks to disruptively low-cost and scalable cloud storage. With the ability to store more videos in their library, organizations will have more freedom to create the content they want and greater flexibility when crafting a message.

iconik and Wasabi offer an integrated solution that is cloud-based, scalable, affordable, and agile enough to fit into any existing media workflow. Through this joint solution, customers can manage and share assets stored on their Wasabi cloud or anywhere else. Though the data and iconik processes are in the cloud, the original files can be anywhere. To keep processes running quickly, iconik creates proxies to keep assets indexed and available for preview.

Managing media in this fashion maximizes the ROI on media by ensuring it is easy to find and reuse across entire organizations. The metadata schemas in iconik are fully customizable. iconik uses AI to intelligently tag media for relevant keywords, allowing users to find the exact frame they need when they need it, regardless of where it is geographically located. Metadata views can be built for sales and marketing, producers, or other stakeholders so they only see data that is relevant to them. Admins can manage user rights for every part of iconik. From the right to download or comment to the right to organize and distribute files, iconik gives 100% control to keep media secure. And with Wasabi’s low-cost cloud storage, organizations can store data for 80% less than other clouds like Amazon S3.

iconik Smart Media Management with Wasabi

Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage Delivers Breakthrough Economics and Performance

Wasabi was specifically conceived to make cloud storage a commonplace utility like electricity. Unlike legacy cloud storage services with confusing storage tiers and complex pricing schemes, Wasabi hot cloud storage is extremely easy to understand and incredibly economical to scale. One product, with predictable and straightforward pricing, supports every cloud storage application running the S3 API, which has become the de facto standard for storage apps.

Wasabi is 80% cheaper than Amazon S3, with no egress fees or API charges. A highly parallelized system architecture delivers breakthrough performance, so you can rapidly move data in and out of the cloud at no additional cost.