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Wasabi & iconik Smart Media Management Deliver Integrated Solution for Media Workflows

May 5, 2020

BOSTON, MA, May 5, 2020 - Wasabi, the hot cloud storage company, today announces a new partnership with iconik Smart Media Management that allows organizations to securely manage and share their media files. The pairing offers an integrated solution for customers that is cloud-based, 100% S3 compatible, scalable, affordable, and agile enough to fit into any existing media workflow.

The world is moving to the cloud for affordable data storage to leverage machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI), and the media and entertainment industry is no exception. Remote collaboration is simple with the joint solution as customers can manage and share assets stored with Wasabi or other platforms. Original files can be located anywhere and, to keep processes running quickly, iconik creates proxies to keep assets indexed and available for preview. Editors across multiple geographic locations can work on video projects together, and media can be shared with anyone as needed for review and approval. With iconik Smart Media Management, content is democratized so that everybody can have what they need to tell a unified story and create new content.

With Wasabi’s low-cost cloud storage, organizations can store data for 80% less than other cloud storage solutions with predictable pricing that never includes egress fees or charges for API requests. Additionally, service providers can now earn more and charge less while providing end users with the ability to store more videos in their library, giving them the freedom to create the content they want and greater flexibility when crafting a message.

“The media world is increasingly moving to cloud however, most organizations have razor thin profit margins and it was natural for Wasabi to partner with iconik as it offers fair pricing and reduces the complexity of collaboration,” shares David Friend, CEO of Wasabi. “This new partnership with iconik now allows customers to easily maximize ROI while keeping media 100% secure and retaining complete control of files and user management.

The Wasabi and iconik partnership allows media professionals to manage content more quickly, leverage AI with an easy to use interface, increase collaboration and provide a holistic view over an organization’s entire media library. Media organizations can start small, think big, and scale fast with true cloud elasticity and never pay more than needed with iconik and Wasabi’s fair pricing.

“When organizations use iconik, they can democratize their content among their people. Organizations can have what they need to tell a unified story and create new content,” says Parham Azimi, CEO of iconik. “Editors across multiple geographic locations can work on video projects together, and media can be shared with anyone as needed for review and approval. Together with Wasabi, our users can store more data than ever due to disruptively low-cost and scalable cloud storage and never worry about going over budget or running out of storage space.”

About Wasabi:

Wasabi is the hot cloud storage company delivering disruptive storage technology that is 1/5th the price of Amazon S3 and faster than the competition with no fees for egress or API requests. Unlike first-generation cloud vendors, Wasabi focuses solely on providing the world’s best cloud storage platform. Created by Carbonite co-founders and cloud storage pioneers David Friend and Jeff Flowers, Wasabi is on a mission to commoditize the storage industry. Wasabi is a privately held company based in Boston, MA. Follow and connect with Wasabi on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and our blog. Visit for more information.

About iconik:

iconik is a smart media management platform built for the hybrid cloud. iconik allows for customization by using the user’s existing on-premise and cloud storage, AI licenses, and use of the rich iconik API. Users can store and share files from anywhere, collaborate on projects, and create their most iconik work ever – whether they’re working alone or as part of a global team.

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Sean Greenhalgh