Unlocking Agile Media Management with iconik and Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage

November 7, 2023By Chris McMahon

Managing tons of media files can be tricky. Media needs to be stored in an organized, accessible way so you can grab the asset you need quickly without having to jump through multiple hurdles or wait through lengthy download times. Struggling against old-school systems that can’t keep up with today’s needs or that cost a small fortune to run won’t cut it.  

Thankfully, with iconik and Wasabi, you can combine the cutting-edge organizational capabilities of next-generation media management with the affordability and robustness of modern cloud storage.   

Let’s look at how this partnership offers creatives and businesses a powerful way to manage, archive, share, and collaborate on digital assets. 

Who is iconik? 

iconik is more than just a Media Asset Management (MAM) platform – it does so much more. 

iconik is a cloud-native hub designed to meet the needs of media-rich organizations today, helping teams manage their assets and discover, collaborate, share, and make media workflows easier. 

With its ‘bring your own storage' model, iconik lets users take whatever storage they have – whether it's up in the cloud, on-premise, or even sitting on a laptop – and bring it together under a single, user-friendly interface. Via powerful proxy workflows, it’s easy for users to organize assets, share them, perform media reviews, and more. Plus, with the help of some seriously smart AI, iconik can automatically sort files with metadata for easy search and retrieval. With an API-driven infrastructure designed for deep customization, iconik tunes into what teams with a lot of media on their hands need today.  

iconik library

The iconik and Wasabi connection 

When you combine iconik with Wasabi, you get a storage solution that’s fast, adaptable, and won't have you digging deep into your pockets.  

iconik is the go-to for organizing and tracking down your digital assets. With its ‘bring your own storage' philosophy, iconik is like having a smart assistant to manage your media files, no matter where you keep them – locally, in the cloud, or a bit of both. Wasabi’s speedy and budget-friendly cloud storage is then the perfect complement to iconik. By connecting iconik to your Wasabi storage, you ensure that your content—from the initial clips to polished videos and everything in between—is organized, accessible, and always just a click away when you need it. 

What sets Wasabi apart from other cloud object storage providers is its lack of egress fees. Unlike other services, Wasabi won’t charge you for access to your own content. This means that media owners won’t incur any additional costs when they queue up a video in iconik. Every search, share, and play is all available at the same flat rate.   

In this partnership, iconik takes care of the heavy lifting in media management and sorting, while Wasabi provides a reliable and cost-conscious place to store digital assets. This collaboration is the first step to a storage ecosystem that not only elevates the quality of work possible but also cultivates a more connected and contented team environment. Let’s explore how. 

Share and collaborate with ease – and without the cost 

Integrating iconik and Wasabi creates a powerhouse for real-time, cost-effective collaboration. When someone on a team needs an asset, iconik puts it at their fingertips via powerful search and recovery tools and AI-powered metadata. The user can search for the terms they’re looking for, navigate through favorited assets or using filers, or even search via a word in an AI transcript – however they want to find their assets, iconik makes it easy. Then, if the user wants to run a review with time-stamped annotations or share the content with a team member on another part of the globe, they can do so with just a few clicks.  

Wasabi contributes via its ease of sharing; the platform’s high-speed cloud storage doesn't charge for data egress, allowing teams to reach for shared files via iconik without fretting over their budgets.  

This combination empowers teams to unleash their creative spirit, as they can effortlessly tap into, tweak, and sign off on media assets in a snap, sidestepping any delays or hidden fees. It’s a powerful partnership for efficient, global, and budget-friendly collaboration. 

image approval in iconik platform

Review and approval process within iconik

Ease of use in an era of complexity 

If there’s one area where iconik and Wasabi are aligned, it’s their dedication to user experience and simplicity. Iconik cuts through the typical hassle of setting up MAM systems without big initial investments, ongoing commitments, or complex pricing schemes. It’s all about fair pricing and paying only for what you use. Plus, iconik’s user interface is all about clarity and ease, designed to welcome all users, however tech-savvy they may be. Setup is always swift and straightforward. 

Wasabi walks hand in hand with this approach, sporting an S3-compatible platform that’s easy to navigate. With just a few clicks, users can jump in, create storage buckets, and lay out access rules without a hitch.  

The harmony between iconik's streamlined media management and Wasabi's straightforward storage makes it easier than ever for today’s content-heavy teams to manage and access their data. 

Automatically generated metadata tags in iconik

Automatically generated metadata tags in iconik

Staying scalable without breaking the bank 

We’ve touched upon iconik’s cost-effectiveness already, and for good reason: iconik's flexible pricing structure is refreshingly simple, free from initial setup fees and expensive hardware investments. The platform aligns all charges transparently against the number of active users and the actual usage of the system. This approach means organizations can scale their use of iconik up or down with ease without the worry of overspending on dormant accounts or unused features.  

Wasabi follows suit with a pricing strategy that’s just as clear-cut. It does away with complicated storage tiers and sidesteps additional charges for data egress or API requests, which can save customers up to 80% compared to other cloud object storage options. Whether you prefer a pay-as-you-go model or want to commit to Reserved Capacity Storage for better planning, Wasabi has the flexibility to fit different budgetary needs. 

When you bring iconik's user-based pricing together with Wasabi's straightforward storage costs, the combined offering is not just potent in its performance – it does so at a fraction of the price required by other comparable solutions. 


Unlocking Agile Media Management with iconik and Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage

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Unparalleled performance: Prioritizing speed and reliability 

At iconik, our services must be available round the clock, along with the agility to implement updates and new features without missing a beat. That’s why we built iconik on a cloud-native, multi-tenant framework, which offers robust scalability and consistent uptime thanks to its distributed network and built-in redundancies. 

Wasabi, on its end, innovates with a parallelized system design that impresses in speed and efficiency during read/write operations. When harnessing the strengths of Wasabi with the speed and reliability of iconik, users equip themselves with a powerful combination for managing and safeguarding digital assets. It’s a workflow that’s not just swift and smooth but reliable day in and day out. 

Security at the heart of operations 

Iconik doesn’t just manage your data – it wraps it in a shell of high-grade protection. We’ve anchored the platform in stringent compliance protocols with a hybrid cloud storage solution that places a premium on robust encryption, sophisticated intrusion detection measures, secure data transactions, and granular access controls. 

Echoing this dedication to security, Wasabi built its platform for resilience. Its data storage solutions boast object durability at the eleven 9s level (that’s 99.999999999% reliability). In addition, Wasabi offers configurable immutability with S3 Object Lock, safeguarding files against accidental erasure and shielded them from threats like ransomware. And these protective measures, including S3 Object Lock, come at no extra expense.  

With Wasabi’s leading-edge data defense mechanisms, you can rest easy knowing your shared resources are consistently secure and recoverable. When integrated with iconik, the combination forms a fortress for your media. 

Tailored Automation: How iconik’s Extensibility Complements Wasabi Storage 

Users can go beyond traditional MAM workflows via iconik’s API-first strategy. Iconik’s API opens the door for users to forge automated processes, link up with other applications, and weave in custom connections with solutions like Wasabi. The potential here is vast: using bespoke actions and webhooks that allow for the smooth automatic transition of processes and data flow between iconik and Wasabi, you can build custom media workflows that align with your unique and specific production demands. What you want to build is up to you – iconik is there to make it happen. 

In Summary: Synergy Like No Other 

Navigating the maze of digital asset management becomes a whole lot smoother when you bring together iconik’s intelligent organizing prowess with Wasabi’s hot cloud storage. If you’re someone who’s dealing with a mountain of media that needs to be stored, sorted, and shared, combining iconik and Wasabi can help – you get a storage space that’s ready to grow with you, flex to your needs, and keep you within budget. 

With iconik and Wasabi in your corner, you can step up your media game – managing your digital libraries becomes much more accessible and secure, and scaling up doesn’t mean breaking the bank. 

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