What is PaaS?

PaaS, or Platform as a Service, is a category of cloud computing services that provides an on-demand environment, or platform, in which IT professionals and software developers can manage software applications. PaaS is designed to make it easier for developers to quickly create apps without having to worry about configuring the underlying infrastructure needed for development.

Storing Your PaaS Data with Wasabi

Wasabi hot cloud storage is perfect for multi-cloud compute environments. Wasabi works with applications running in popular clouds like AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform. You can run your applications on the compute clouds that best meet your specific price and functional requirements, and store your valuable business data on the industry’s most affordable and fastest-performing storage cloud.

Wasabi offers direct, high-speed connectivity to AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform and other popular IaaS and PaaS platforms through partnerships with leading colocation, carrier hotel and exchange providers like Equinix, Flexential, Limelight Networks and Megaport. These private network connections avoid internet latency, traffic bottlenecks and security risks, providing fast and predictable performance.

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