Backup as a Service

What is Backup as a Service?

While conventional data backup methods are centralized and often performed on-premise, BaaS offers an alternate approach. Companies using BaaS purchase backup services from an outside provider who then manages that data and connects it to a cloud for easy accessibility and added protection.

Streamline your data backup processes with BaaS

As a company’s data becomes an increasingly essential part of its survival, traditional backup methods simply do not have the capacity to be considered a viable solution anymore. Nonetheless, it’s still critical that data is always backed up in the event of a disaster. In the past, this meant relying on racks of expensive internal storage server backups and IT specialists, but the “As-a-service” revolution changed all that. Now, thanks to cloud technology, data backup can be managed by an outside service provider for much less than the annual cost of on-premises storage.

By partnering with global backup leaders like Veeam, Wasabi is able to cut storage costs by 80% or more via automatic cloud BaaS services. This frees companies from the demands of legacy backup methods, such as the need for endless on-site upkeep. In addition, having data backed up off-site provides a great way to protect organizational infrastructure in the event of an emergency.

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