Data Portability

What is Data Portability?

Data portability is the ability to transfer data among various cloud services, protecting users from cloud lock-in. As more and more organizations are storing large amounts of data in the cloud, data portability is an essential element of an accessible cloud computing environment.

How Wasabi Enables Data Portability

Wasabi has several transfer methods that accelerate moving large amounts of data, including Wasabi Ball and Wasabi Direct Connect. The Wasabi Ball Transfer Appliance lets you move large datasets to Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage quickly, conveniently and cost-effectively.

The Wasabi Ball Transfer Appliance is ideal for customers that don’t have sufficient network connection speeds to transfer large amounts of storage over the Internet or private network connections.

Wasabi Direct Connect is a high-speed, private, secure connection from your location directly to Wasabi. It is several times faster than a standard public Internet connection and vastly improves transfer times for large datasets.

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