Cloud NAS

What is Cloud NAS?

Traditional Network Attached Storage (NAS) is an intelligent storage device that is connected to a home or office network. A cloud NAS works similarly to any on-premises NAS found in an on-premises data center, only the data is stored in the cloud as opposed to a physical NAS infrastructure.

The Growing Demand for Cloud NAS Capabilities

Cloud-based Network Attached Storage solutions have become an increasingly popular choice for organizations of all sizes. That’s because they allow businesses to use cloud storage for their multitudinous applications, systems, and archival functions - and do all of this completely virtually. The cloud-reliant virtualization of the traditional NAS process simplifies infrastructure while providing a variety of flexible deployment options. As the nature of work evolves alongside the rapid increase of data being generated on a daily basis, businesses need an efficient, cloud-based NAS to offer them limitless data management, back up, and storage. Fortunately, due to Wasabi’s ease-of-use with various NAS backup solutions, organizations now have an intuitive and cost-effective cloud NAS solution.

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