Cloud Data Center

What is a cloud data center?

While most modern cloud solutions are delivered by a third-party over the internet, it’s not uncommon for some companies to rely on a model in which their organization has its very own data center to serve as their private cloud. Despite the differences in ownership, these cloud data centers still serve the same basic function as third-party data centers. The only difference is that third-party data centers are located off-site (sometimes across multiple locations).

Stay connected with Wasabi’s hot cloud data centers

Cloud data centers offer a convenient alternative to traditional data centers by allowing businesses to store their growing data and applications off-premises. To further simplify things, all the data and applications are hosted by third-party cloud services providers - such as Wasabi. In the case of Wasabi, customer data is deployed in 100% secure and redundant data centers. Wasabi’s customers have full control over which Wasabi data centers across the US, EU, and APAC to store their data in. Wasabi’s users can easily connect to any of our hot cloud storage locations around the world using a variety of high-speed connectivity options.

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