Cloud Backup

What is Cloud Backup?

Cloud backup is a data backup method wherein a copy of data is sent over a proprietary or public network to a secure cloud-based server. Since most cloud computing services are provided by a third-party vendor, cloud backup storage fees are often set based on factors such as scalability needs, overall number of users, or how often the data is accessed. After being stored off-site, the data remains available from any access point, and can also be shared among multiple cloud users.

Get more for your money with cost-conscious cloud backup

The rise of cloud computing has completely changed the way businesses manage, store, and protect their data - for the better. After all, modern backup solutions offer advantages in terms of performance, scalability, and security when compared to traditional methods. This is especially true at the enterprise level, where managing massive amounts of data and ensuring it’s securely backed up and recoverable is essential.

With Wasabi hot cloud storage, businesses of all sizes now have an affordable method of making sure data is backed up, replicated, and secure at all times. Wasabi’s unique cloud storage pricing model makes backup data easily and quickly accessible while eliminating equipment expenses and providing infinite scalability. Compare this to legacy cloud services like AWS, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure, all of which remain tiered, costly, and complicated. With Wasabi, you’re liberated from having to choose different tiers to balance out your unique needs - making cloud backup as affordable as it is simple.

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