Active Archive

What is an Active Archive?

An active archive is a repository of data which is only accessed occasionally, yet is still considered too valuable to discard. In some cases, an active archive consists of data that would ordinarily be archived but, due to a lack of egress fees, can be classified as active.

A Cost-Effective Solution to Active Archiving

As data volumes grow exponentially, companies of all sizes are having to find more efficient and cost-conscious methods of storing and maintaining their irreplaceable information. Fortunately, modern cloud technology advancements have brought us to a point where cloud storage providers can offer active archiving at an affordable price. That means low-cost, high-volume data storage that gives users fast and secure access any time they need it. With active archiving, it’s possible to store massive amounts of data archives at a cost-efficient price, while still keeping that data readily available (no matter how often it’s accessed). This means you could store and leverage potential decades of archived company data in analytics applications to deliver immediate insights, bring old data to life for new applications, and even find modern ways to monetize your older data.

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