Wasabi Drives Innovation with Network Optix to Simplify the Migration of Video Surveillance Data to the Cloud

April 8, 2024By Craig Yonge

Wasabi Technologies and Network Optix join forces to develop a new solution that is transforming how traditional video surveillance systems manage video data as cloud adoption accelerates within physical security. Continuing with a strong history of innovation, Network Optix and Wasabi developed a new software plugin that helps users implement a hybrid cloud storage environment by simplifying the migration of video surveillance to the cloud. But what has driven the need for this new development, and why is the surveillance industry pushing towards this new opportunity?  

For many years, the video surveillance industry faced significant challenges when considering the migration to the cloud for data storage. To start, integrating existing on-premises surveillance systems with cloud storage historically presented complexities such as compatibility issues, data migration challenges, and the need for costly software and hardware updates. Adding in concerns for data protection such managing unauthorized access and data breaches, providers and users were frequently reluctant to transition to the cloud. Industry- and region-specific regulatory compliance requirements further complicated this migration making data management ever more difficult. And as if integration difficulties, data protection concerns, and compliance regulations weren’t enough, expensive pricing, confusing tiers, and unpredictable fees for accessing data in the cloud have been leading deterrents to make the jump into hybrid cloud storage – until now.  

The newly developed plugin enables new and existing Nx Witness deployments to extend into the cloud with an exclusive integration to Wasabi’s hot cloud storage. Available at no cost, the software-only plugin downloads in just minutes instantly transforming any Windows-, Linux-, or ARM-based camera or server into a cloud-connected system.  

From there, users simply select Wasabi as the storage location and immediately benefit from the addition of cloud storage for video surveillance; it’s really that easy. By simplifying this migration into the cloud, users and integrators benefit from a hybrid cloud architecture from day one – here’s how: 

Enhancing your system with cloud storage  

  • Simplify scalability: Easily increase camera counts, resolutions, and storage capacities as organizational needs change. With an open platform built to manage any number of devices, Nx Witness makes it easy to add one more – or a hundred more – cameras. As storage requirements change, users can change system settings to accommodate the increase in data – easily and securely.   

  • Enhance security and reliability: Network Optix and Wasabi deliver solutions that maximize security at every point. Wasabi hosts vaults in SOC2 Type 2 / ISO27001- compliant data centers with advanced encryption and access control mechanisms. Data shared to and from Nx Witness is secured in transit and at rest. By integrating with Nx Witness, users can benefit from robust security features that protect sensitive video footage from unauthorized access or tampering. 

  • Manage, monitor, and store from anywhere: Users can monitor live feeds, manage the systems and devices, and access stored data seamlessly within the Nx Witness platform. Data stored within Wasabi’s cloud is instantly accessible from anywhere at any time directly within the user-friendly interface. The Nx Witness Mobile Application allows users to easily access and manage the system and stored data as needed from anywhere in the world with the low-latency mobile application. 

  • Regulate costs: The Wasabi and Network Optix solution pricing takes not only the initial purchase price into consideration, but the total cost of ownership over the lifecycle of the solution. With the launch of Network Optix’s newly released software licensing model, users can extend the value of their existing investment while adding new cloud capabilities at the same time. Better yet – users can better budget for surveillance storage costs with predictable pricing and no hidden fees for accessing or downloading data. 

Maximizing your business opportunity with cloud storage 

  • Expand business potential: This solution enables integrators to accelerate and expand service offerings, target new customer segments, and capitalize on emerging opportunities in the surveillance industry. With a straightforward licensing model built around the needs of the surveillance industry, this solution allows integrators to build recurring revenue streams into their existing business.  

  • Streamline deployment: Network Optix and Wasabi simplify the process from initial quote to on-going maintenance of surveillance systems. Designed for quick setup and seamless operation, this solution configures in just minutes by automatically detecting cameras, consolidating feeds into a single view, and instantly offloading video data to Wasabi’s cloud! Easier deployment means less time in the field and more time catering to customers’ needs.  

  • Gain a competitive edge: The surveillance industry is changing, and the cloud is becoming an integral part of any surveillance solution. The Network Optix and Wasabi solution enhances storage for video surveillance systems with simple hot cloud storage from Wasabi. This will allow integrator organizations to provide their customers best-in-breed, comprehensive, physical security solutions that empower customers to navigate the modern world of physical security with confidence. 

  • Build customer trust and loyalty: Customer trust starts with the right recommendation but can end with just one bad solution. The Network Optix and Wasabi solution puts data protection and reliability above all else with built-in automatic failover and system health monitoring, 11x9s of data durability, and 99.99% system availability. Deploying solutions built to protect the customer in multiple ways builds a loyal bond between integrator and user.  

What’s next? 

More and more, enterprises expect their video surveillance storage requirements will increase over the next three years. However, the cost of updating an existing technology stack to meet these new demands is simply prohibitive. By joining forces, Nx Witness and Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage provides a powerful video management system connecting any surveillance system from camera to cloud. By leveraging Network Optix and Wasabi, users can combine the simplicity of seamless integration and easy management with the data protection and business potential positioned for video surveillance of tomorrow.  

Nx Witness customers with perpetual licenses and Nx partners are invited to an exclusive opportunity to be the first to know when this free plugin download is officially available on Network Optix’s Marketplace. Sign up today to be first on the list to receive the plugin once available!  

Ready to jump into cloud storage or on the hunt for a new video management software provider? Try Nx Witness and Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage with a free 30-day trial! 

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