CentreStack Creates Wasabi Cloud File Servers

October 3, 2023By Franklyn Pearce

In today's digital landscape, cloud storage has revolutionized the way businesses manage data and collaborate. Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage has gained recognition for its cost-effectiveness, performance, and reliability for backup solutions. However, there has been increasing demand for a more comprehensive solution that leverages the advantages of Wasabi as a cloud file server  

This article explores how CentreStack seamlessly integrates with Wasabi to empower organizations with a robust cloud file server solution that redefines collaboration, accessibility, and data control by focusing on file server compatibility

Seamless integration with Wasabi 

Wasabi's renowned affordability and durability, seamlessly combined with CentreStack's file server compatibility, create a robust foundation for organizations seeking to enhance collaboration and accessibility while maintaining control over their data. This integration empowers businesses to optimize their workflows, streamline data management, and reduce IT costs without compromising performance or security. 

The era of file server mobilization: Bridging the gap with file server compatibility 

File server mobilization has emerged as a transformative approach to data management, enabling organizations to add the functionality of their traditional file servers to the cloud. By adopting CentreStack's file server mobilization strategy, businesses can break free from the constraints of traditional on-premises setups and embrace the scalability, accessibility, and collaboration benefits of the cloud. This paradigm shift empowers businesses to leverage the full potential of cloud storage while maintaining 100% compatibility with traditional file server use cases. 

This compatibility enables organizations to preserve their investments in file server architecture while modernizing their workflows and empowering a remote workforce to access, edit, and share files securely from any device or location. 

Enhanced collaboration and accessibility 

The CentreStack and Wasabi Storage integration unlocks unparalleled collaboration capabilities. CentreStack's user-friendly interface facilitates effortless file sharing, real-time editing, and seamless collaboration among teams, regardless of their physical locations. The integration empowers employees to work together efficiently, breaking down geographical barriers and fostering productivity. With CentreStack and Wasabi, businesses can elevate collaboration to new heights, unleashing the full potential of their teams. 

Uncompromised data control and security 

Data control and security are paramount concerns for organizations transitioning to the cloud. CentreStack addresses these concerns head-on, offering robust security features and comprehensive control over user access and permissions. Through the integration with Wasabi Storage, businesses retain ownership and control over their data, while benefiting from Wasabi's scalability and redundancy. This combination ensures data integrity, confidentiality, and compliance with industry regulations, instilling confidence in organizations when entrusting their critical information to the cloud. 


The CentreStack and Wasabi Storage integration provides a powerful solution for organizations seeking a comprehensive cloud file server experience. By embracing file server mobilization and compatibility, businesses can bridge the gap between backup and file server capabilities, revolutionizing collaboration, data control, and accessibility.  The combined solution leverages the affordability, scalability, and reliability of Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage while harnessing CentreStack's file-server-compatible access and collaboration layer. Experience the transformative power of this integration by visiting the CentreStack Wasabi File Server page or schedule a meeting with our experts to explore how CentreStack can elevate your file server capabilities in tandem with Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage. 

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