5 Data Protection Practices Media Organizations Can Implement to Combat Ransomware

October 19, 2023By Isabel Freedman

Ransomware attacks have been on the rise in recent years, and media organizations are no exception to this growing threat. In an industry that already works to protect content from threats like content piracy, protecting valuable data has never been more critical. To safeguard their precious content, media organizations must be prepared. Here are five practices media organizations should consider when architecting their ransomware protection strategy: 

Implement a comprehensive backup strategy  

While it may seem like an obvious first step, many media organizations underestimate the value of a robust backup strategy. Some believe that petabyte-scale data volumes are just too big to be backed up easily or economically. However, it is feasible to set up simple and affordable automated backups even for organizations with large amounts of storage. Investing in a backup strategy upfront can prevent potentially devastating and costly consequences in the event of a cyber-attack.  

Leverage immutable cloud storage 

Creating air gapped data storage by physically removing backups from the network (on-site tape backup and hard drives) may seem like the safest way to protect data, but these devices are hardly practical when it is time to quickly restore your data in the event of a ransomware attack. Immutable storage with S3 Object Lock is the modern equivalent of the air gap. It creates a logical air gap through encryption and hashing, which makes data immutable to malicious efforts to encrypt or delete it.  

Maintain multiple copies of data  

Whether copies are stored on-prem and in the cloud or across multiple cloud providers, this multi-faceted approach provides extra layers of security when combating malicious actors. Having multiple copies increases the likelihood of successfully restoring your data, even if hackers have taken one set hostage. 

Create a secure yet accessible archive 

Archives often get the short end of the stick, often stored on the cheapest, coldest storage solution where they are unable to be utilized effectively. However, media organizations in particular hold critical data in their archives that would be detrimental to lose in a ransomware attack. Storing archives in a secure, accessible location, such as cloud storage, ensures that these archives can be restored and utilized. 

Regularly test your disaster recovery plan  

Implementing a solid disaster recovery plan is the first step in preparing to recover from a ransomware attack. However, confidence in your disaster recovery strategy is crucial before refusing to comply with hackers. Knowing that you have a robust disaster recovery plan in place means that even when hit with a ransomware attack, you can maintain business continuity and ensure the safety of your data, allowing you to continue business as usual. 

Wasabi and Atempo Provide Ultimate Data Protection for Media Organizations 

While implementing a data protection strategy may seem daunting, organizations like Atempo make it simple to implement a comprehensive solution from a single platform. Atempo Miria provides five data management services in one platform: analytics, backup, migration, archiving, and mobility. Atempo Miria offers a central intuitive web interface that administrators can use to configure data management or data protection, and grant user privileges. Users can also leverage this interface to perform their tasks and follow-up on progress of tasks such as archiving, recovery job monitoring, copy handling, and storage supervision. 

Pairing Atempo's solutions with Wasabi's Hot Cloud Storage ensures that your data is secure from ransomware. Wasabi provides immutable cloud storage through S3 Object Lock at no additional cost, ensuring the security and availability of your backups. 

Ready to secure your data against the threat of ransomware? Learn more about the Atempo+Wasabi solution by visiting us at NAB NY in Wasabi booth 652 and Atempo booth 650 (right next to each other!).  

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