How to Maximize ROI on Content Utilizing Cloud-Based Media Asset Management

September 5, 2023By Isabel Freedman

The past few years the media and entertainment space has experienced exponential growth in digital content and methods of content delivery. Consumers are now accustomed to a high bar of constant accessibility to new media. With the increasing volume of content being generated, efficiently managing, organizing, and distributing media assets has become a significant challenge. With delays coming from the strikes in Hollywood, many organizations are trying to find ways to generate entertainment without new content. Many media organizations are going through turbulent times, and they need to find ways to maximize the content they already have. The solution: cloud-based media asset management.  

What is Cloud-Based Media Asset Management?  

Cloud-based media asset management is a digital platform that centrally stores, organizes, and enables efficient access to media files and content from anywhere through cloud-based technology. Media Asset Managers (MAMs) often support both on-premise and cloud storage options. By taking a hybrid approach to their MAM, organizations get an additional level of accessibility and scalability.  

With cloud-based media asset management, dispersed teams can simply access content from the MAM wherever they are, at fast speeds. This provides real time asset sharing and collaborative editing, improving productivity. Increased accessibility also applies to distributing content to external stakeholders. With cloud-based media asset management, sharing to stakeholders is as simple as sending an email link.  

Cloud-based media asset management simply scales with your needs as opposed to an on-premises storage solution. With a fully on-prem solution there is a fixed storage amount and once you reach capacity you have to purchase and set up additional product or delete files, both of which are not ideal options. With cloud storage, you can use as much or as little as your organization needs without an upfront commitment and nothing to set up in order to add capacity. In these especially changing times for the media and entertainment industry, it’s important to choose a solution that can scale to your needs.  

How to Maximize ROI with Cloud Based Media Asset Management 

In order to maximize the ROI of content, organizations should embrace the democratization of media management. Wasabi technology alliance partner iconik, the cloud-native media asset management solution that gathers and organizes media securely from anywhere, put together a comprehensive guide to democratizing media management. The main steps to follow are: 

  1. Establish Remote Access as a Core Principle 

  2. Offer a Pain-Free Storage Solution  

  3. Allow Media Management to Scale with Your Needs 

  4. Encourage Collaboration and Self-Service to Access Assets 

By taking the steps to democratize media management, organizations enable more people in and outside of their team to champion their content and utilize it for various purposes. Additionally, it simplifies the time and effort needed by creative experts to share content and allows them more time to focus on creating a more exceptional final product.  

Once this mindset is embraced, organizations need to ensure they are utilizing a solution that supports accessibility of data. Iconik and Wasabi offer a cloud-based media asset management solution that enables organizations to easily search, tag, upload, download, and share their media files. With Wasabi powering your media asset manager, organizations no longer need to worry about how frequently a piece of content is downloaded or sent because there are no additional fees for data movement. Wasabi and iconik also both offer solutions and payment structures that scale to your organization needs.  

By leveraging a solution that provides freedom and simplifies access to media, teams can now leverage their full library of content. From sports teams grabbing footage to repurpose for marketing materials for a player anniversary to a legacy television show creating extended cut episodes, the possibilities are endless for ways to repurpose content your organization already possesses.  

If you’re interested in how the iconik and Wasabi solution enables real media organizations, check out our case study with Urban Brew Studios and set up an in-person meeting with iconik and Wasabi at IBC 2023 in Amsterdam.  

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