Fortify Your Ransomware Recovery Strategy with Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage and Veeam

July 31, 2023By Robert Callaghan

As the ransomware threat continues to escalate, safeguarding your data with an unyielding defense becomes paramount. At Wasabi, we understand the significance of data protection in the face of potential ransomware attacks. Our collaboration with Veeam and supporting their Ransomware Recovery Warranty presents a formidable combination to fortify your recovery strategy, ensuring that your critical data remains impervious to malicious attacks.

Enhanced Ransomware Protection with Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage

Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage offers unbounded, cost-effective storage and a suite of cutting-edge features designed to reinforce your data's security and resilience. Our unique and advanced Immutability (S3-compliant Object Lock) capabilities create an impenetrable shield against ransomware threats. By implementing Immutability across your cloud storage layer, Wasabi ensures that your data remains inviolable, preventing any unauthorized modifications or deletions – even from internal actors with elevated privileges.

Seamless Integration with Veeam Ransomware Recovery Warranty

Combining the power of Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage with Veeam's industry recognized data protection solutions and the new Ransomware Recovery Warranty delivers a multi-layered approach to ransomware protection. With Wasabi's immutable storage architecture, your data gains an extra layer of defense that seamlessly complements Veeam's fast recovery options. In the unfortunate event of a ransomware attack, Veeam's coverage of data recovery ensures that your data remains safeguarded, allowing you to get back on your feet quickly.

Complete Data Mobility and Flexibility

Wasabi's Hot Cloud Storage ensures that your data is secure and easily accessible. Our platform supports complete data mobility, allowing you to restore data from the cloud to on-premises quickly. With the flexibility to back up your data wherever it resides, you gain unparalleled resilience against ransomware attacks and data loss incidents.


Data protection has never been more critical with the rising threat of ransomware. In partnership with Veeam, Wasabi provides a comprehensive and robust solution to fortify your ransomware recovery strategy. Our advanced Immutability and S3-compliant Object Lock features create an unassailable barrier against ransomware attacks, ensuring your data remains intact and invulnerable. Coupled with Veeam's rapid recovery options and data recovery coverage, you can rest assured that your organization is prepared to tackle any worst-case scenario. Embrace the power of Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage and peace of mind provided by Veeam's Ransomware Recovery Warranty to elevate your data protection and embark on a ransomware-resilient journey.

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