A CISO's Guide to Gaining Financial Freedom Through Robust Ransomware Protection

September 28, 2023By Robert Callaghan

Ransomware attacks are on the rise, with the average ransom payment now in the millions. In talking with CISOs at cloud and IT events, reading new articles, and watching the news and social media, I've seen firsthand the financial devastation these attacks can bring. But with the proper preparation, you can protect your organization's data and maintain financial freedom. In this blog, I'll share the battle-tested ransomware protection guidelines from the experts that can help safeguard your systems so you do not have to pay those ransoms. Following these steps, you can sleep more soundly knowing that you can restore a secure data backup even if you experience a Ransomware attack. 

The steps to protect your data:  

Strong Password and Multi-Factor Authentication 

Start with strong passwords. Over 80% of hacking breaches involve weak or stolen passwords. Require strong, unique passwords for every system and account. Enforce Multi-Factor Authentication wherever possible for an added layer of protection.  

Enable Multi-User Authentication 

Enable multi-user authentication for Object storage account changes, including deletion. This unique feature is currently only available with Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage. Prevent a single compromised account from accidentally or intentionally deleting your cloud data account to delete your backup data. 


Outmaneuver Ransomware: A CISO's Master Plan

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Utilize Cloud Storage 

Back up your systems to an off-site cloud provider like Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage. Wasabi offers resilient and secure cloud object storage at a fraction of the price of alternatives. Your backups are safe even if on-premises systems are compromised. 

Choose Direct-to-Object  

Choose Backup Software with Direct-to-Object Support. Back up directly to cloud object storage using Veeam, Zmanda, Veritas, MSP360 or similar software. This bypasses the upload server for security while providing fast recovery times. 

Enable S3 Object Lock Immutability 

Use cloud storage like Wasabi which offers S3 object lock for immutable backups. Object lock prevents backups from being deleted or encrypted by ransomware. Your data remains intact and quickly restorable. 

Test Recovery Procedures 

Regularly test restoring from backups to ensure your DR plan works when needed. Identify any gaps and continue improving the reliability of your backups. 

Keep Systems Patched 

Routinely patch operating systems, software, and firmware. Cybercriminals exploit known vulnerabilities, so patching neuters these attack vectors. 

Prioritize Cybersecurity Training 

Train all employees on cybersecurity best practices. Test them with simulated phishing emails to build awareness. Cyber skills are vital at all levels to create a resilient organization. 

Take Back Your Data with a Layered Approach 

Ransomware is a formidable adversary, but creating a layered data protection strategy can secure your organization’s data. Combining prudent cyber hygiene with solutions like Wasabi hot cloud storage and Veeam Backup gives you the financial freedom to refuse ransom payments. 

For an in-depth discussion on implementing this ransomware protection strategy, join Rob Callaghan (me) from Wasabi and Rob Black, founder and CEO of Fractional CISO, for an upcoming live webinar, Outmaneuver Ransomware: A CISO’s Master Plan. In this session, you’ll get additional tips and success stories and be able to ask your questions directly to experts. You can even connect with Rob to discuss leveraging his team of Virtual CISOs (vCISO) to reinforce your security efforts. 

Don’t wait until it’s too late – put these steps in place now to protect your systems. Your organization’s financial future depends on it. Sign up now for the webinar, and let’s discuss options tailored to your unique needs. The time to act is now!! 

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