Your New Morning Routine: Wake up, Brush Your Teeth, Test Your Recovery Plan

October 5, 2023By Luke Boland

We are in an age where chaos can manifest as natural calamities or digital marauders that strike down even the largest organizations. No one can be truly safe, but a Disaster Recovery (DR) plan can be your guiding light. This blueprint for salvation is your ticket to safeguarding the digital heartbeat of your business: your data. However, possessing such a plan is only the beginning. The real grand performance is in its regular testing. In times of turmoil, confidence becomes your intangible armor. Regular testing gives your team the assurance of competence. Team members, well-acquainted with the DR plan through frequent testing, navigate crises with poise and proficiency. This confidence extends to your clients and partners, affirming your dedication to safeguarding their interests. Before we immerse ourselves in the depths of DR testing, let’s first contemplate: Why do we even need a DR plan?… 

WHY #1: Maintaining Business Continuity 

 A meticulously crafted DR plan ensures the continuity of your business operations. It is your trusted guardian, minimizing the gaping maw of downtime and data loss when disaster strikes. As for data, the ethereal treasure trove of our digital era. It resides at the heart of every modern business. A DR plan serves as the impenetrable fortress, fortifying your data, ensuring its preservation, and orchestrating its swift resurrection in the face of adversity. Data integrity reigns supreme. Regular testing ensures that your data is not just conserved but recoverable. This is particularly crucial in an era rife with cyberthreats and data corruption. Regular testing identifies and eradicates any lurking issues in data recovery processes, guarding your digital treasures.  

WHY #2: Protect Your Reputation 

The ethereal realm of reputation hinges on your actions when disaster rears its head. Your stakeholders—clients, customers, and partners—expect you to possess a DR plan, a potent testament to your commitment to their data and the sanctity of your relationships. However, even the most impeccable DR plans can crumble when faced with the harsh realities of the battlefield. Regular testing emerges as the oracle that validates the potency of your plan. It is the beacon that exposes the plan's frailties, gaps, or outdated relics concealed in the depths of theory. By subjecting your plan to the crucible of testing, you continually refine and hone it. Time is the most coveted currency in a disaster scenario. Extended downtime can hemorrhage finances and tarnish reputations. Regular testing enables you to streamline your recovery procedures, making your team adept and agile in the face of adversity. It pares down recovery times, minimizing business turbulence.   

WHY #3: Compliance Standing

The contemporary regulatory landscape is unforgiving when it comes to data protection and disaster recovery. Complying with these mandates is not just ethically virtuous but legally non-negotiable. Non-compliance can usher in legal ramifications and punitive fines. By routinely testing your DR plan, you not only ensure adherence but also present a virtuous image of commitment to data security and business perpetuity.  

Utilizing VEEAM Recovery Orchestrator. 

85% of organizations were successfully attacked by ransomware at least once in 2022. Less than 50% of encrypted or destroyed data was recoverable in those attacks. By using VEEAM’s Recovery Orchestrator, customers can automate testing, accomplish 1 click mass recovery, and receive dynamic compliance reports. This combined with Wasabi’s Hot Cloud Storage products will be the ultimate solution to your data backup and storage needs. 


Disasters do not wait for opportune moments, they strike when least expected. Regular testing bestows upon your organization the gift of readiness, lowering the risk of catastrophic financial losses, data breaches, and disruptive operational hiccups. It transforms your DR plan into the ultimate defender, reducing the impact of disasters and ensuring swift recovery. A meticulously crafted disaster recovery plan is not a luxury, it is an imperative. However, the true alchemy lies in the routine testing of this plan. It is an investment in the fortitude and tenacity of your business—a resounding testament to your unwavering commitment to thriving amidst adversity. So, cast aside the notion of discovering plan flaws during a crisis; instead, embrace the wisdom of regular testing. It is your sanctuary in the tempest, your guarantor of business continuity, and your legacy of triumph against the unforeseen odds.  

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