London Calling! Expanding Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage into the UK and Beyond

January 5, 2022By Mike Welts

You may have seen that Wasabi just recently announced a brand new storage region in London – our first in the United Kingdom and second in Europe – that will give our customers and partners faster access, more connectivity options, and closer proximity to all their data stored with Wasabi hot cloud storage. This is an exciting milestone for Wasabi as the UK is a key market for us with so many large businesses needing to store expansive amounts of data and navigate the real-time adjustments required by Brexit and other potential regulations. We made sure our infrastructure is fully scalable so we can grow as demand increases and requirements evolve across the UK while maintaining the flexibility that makes Wasabi the top choice for anyone who needs to store data in the country.

The new London region is just the latest stop in Wasabi’s European expansion. We will also be adding France and Germany in Q1 of this year!  In 2019 we proudly opened our first EMEA region in Amsterdam, and in the summer of 2021 we announced a major distribution partnership with Exclusive Networks, one of Europe’s largest cybersecurity distributors. 

The reason behind our aggressive footprint strategy? Over 14,000 customers and 850+ channel partners across EMEA have already bought into the benefits of Wasabi’s simple and predictable pricing model and continued hyper growth in the region is expected. We know that beyond what may or may not happen with the various regulations in play across the UK and Europe, our customers and partners want their data in the country in which they operate. As Wasabi’s base grows, we are committed to meeting the storage demands of every user and empowering them to reach operational peak with cost-effective, high performance storage service right in their own backyard. Instant and easy access without extra charges for egress or API requests alleviates much of the friction companies face and ultimately makes the cloud storage process simpler and much more intuitive for them so they can focus on driving business results, rather than the complexity of data storage. 

Looking forward into 2022, Wasabi will continue to add storage regions where people need them to be. At the end of the day, we pride ourselves on delivering hot cloud storage that is affordable, scalable, secure, and accessible in the moment data is needed, and that means no tier-based latency delays. It’s your data, and it should be exactly where you need it to be. Please reach out to us at to learn more or visit our locations page.

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