Unwrap Big Savings for Your IT Budget This Holiday Season

November 16, 2023By Robert Callaghan

The holidays are fast approaching, which means it’s time to reward your hardworking IT team. With budgets tighter than the ribbons on gifts, you may think there’s no room left for holiday cheer. But what if we told you there’s an easy way to unlock significant savings—no magic required? 

Let’s illustrate with some real numbers. Say your organization stores 1 petabyte of data per year in the cloud, and you download 20% of that data for disaster recovery, file retrieval, and other essential tasks. Storing and accessing that much data with big-name providers like AWS S3, Azure Blob, and Google Cloud will cost you a bundle annually

  • Amazon S3: $515,874 

  • Microsoft Azure Blob: $463,060

  • Google Cloud: $591,372 

That’s right—you’re likely paying nearly $500,000 yearly on data storage and egress fees! And that’s before unpredictable charges like API calls that can make your cloud bill swell like Santa’s belly. 

Wasabi’s pricing is straightforward, with no complex tiers or misleading fees. One flat rate of $6.99 per TB/month covers all your storage needs. For the same 1PB of storage and 20% egress as the example above, Wasabi comes in at just $85,893 annually. That’s over 80% savings compared to the legacy providers! 

Going back to our example, you’d be saving an average of $437, 542 if you stored the same data in Wasabi. That’s a lot of cookie dough to play around with. Imagine keeping all that money in your pocket instead of shoveling it into the hyperscalers’ profit margins. Let’s brainstorm how you could spread some holiday cheer with that savings: 

  • Hand out year-end bonuses to lift team morale. Even an extra $1,000 per employee would make spirits bright. 

  • Give additional paid time off around the holidays to reduce stress and increase goodwill. 

  • Upgrade hardware and software to the latest and greatest versions for improved performance and features. 

  • Expand licenses for popular collaboration platforms like Microsoft 365, Salesforce, and Slack. 

  • Level-up cybersecurity tools and services to keep data safer than an elf’s workshop. Prevent attacks with advanced malware tools and conduct regular phishing simulations so defenses stay sharper than wintry icicles. 

  • Invest in training and certification funds to help team members gain new skills. Sponsor them to attend tech conferences and seminars to stay on top of industry trends. 

  • Hire additional IT staff to improve support coverage and take on strategic projects that move the business forward. 

  • Launch an innovation fund for exploring emerging technologies like IoT, AI, AR/VR, and quantum computing. Experiment with pilot projects that could become a competitive advantage. 

  • Build modern video and podcast studios to make company communications more engaging and effective. 

  • Acquire cutting-edge hardware like high-end laptops, workstations, and servers to empower your team with the latest technology. 

The options are virtually endless when you reduce your data storage costs substantially. So, how do you unlock these significant savings? The answer is simple: Migrate your cloud storage to Wasabi hot cloud storage. 

The choice is clear. Keep paying the big hyperscalers outrageous fees or move to Wasabi and tap into significant savings. With Wasabi, you can deck the IT halls with less stress and more cheer this holiday season. 

Stop being a Scrooge and overpaying for cloud storage. Wasabi delivers all the performance and reliability you need at a fraction of the cost. Make your list, check it twice, and migrate your cloud storage today. Your budget will thank you! 

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