Helping Teams Build Sustainable IT Infrastructure

Wasabi is on a mission to store the world’s data, and to do so efficiently.

Green Energy

Environmentally focused data storage

We’ve purposefully architected Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage for optimal power consumption and efficiency, maximizing the amount of data that can be stored on a disk.

We also operate many system functions across shared rather than dedicated hardware, which allows us to reduce the footprint in our data centers.

Carbon Calculator

Quantify your carbon footprint

This calculator provides an estimate of the CO2e emissions for data stored in Wasabi for 365 days. The calculation is based on “actual” storage, including our redundancy technologies used to provide eleven 9s of data durability, and all components of the storage region: servers, drives, enclosures, switching, routing, and cooling.

Sustainability Initiatives

A true collective effort

We want to help our customers and partners realize and measure the environmental impact of their data stored with Wasabi. 

To meet this goal, Wasabi has adopted Carbon Circle, an invoice-based carbon footprint solution from Zero Circle, to give its customers an ongoing, transparent, and real-time assessment of their carbon footprint.

Reduced impact

The HDDs used by Wasabi are hermetically sealed with helium one-seventh the density of air, which allows them to spin more efficiently, consuming just 5.8 watts per TB during idle operation.

Sustainability leaders

Our data center partners, including Equinix, NTT, Flexential, Digital Realty, and Iron Mountain, are working consciously to minimize their carbon footprint and reduce energy consumption.  

Doing what's right

We know it’s mission critical for our customers and partners to develop a sustainable IT infrastructure, and we’re committed to making sure you can feel good about what you build with Wasabi.

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