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Wasabi Technologies Names VSTECS as Singapore Distributor for Cloud Storage Services

Tue Apr 16 2024

BOSTON and SINGAPORE – April 16, 2024 – Wasabi Technologies, the hot cloud storage company, today announced a strategic partnership with VSTECS Singapore, a leading information and communications technology solutions distributor, to expand access to Wasabi’s predictable, high-performance cloud storage solutions locally. 


“As Asia’s appetite for emerging technologies like generative artificial intelligence grows, this will inevitably drive data storage needs and thus, demand for low cost, high-performance object storage services,” said Michael King, Vice President and General Manager, Asia-Pacific and Japan, Wasabi Technologies. “We are excited to take this next step forward in partnering with VSTECS, one of Asia’s top IT distributors, to deliver storage solutions that promise speed, price-accessibility, and performance, to support digital transformation ambitions in Singapore and beyond.” 


Following the launch of Wasabi’s first data centre in Singapore in 2022, this announcement marks a transformative moment for Wasabi to bring its hot cloud storage to organizations throughout the country. Building on Wasabi’s expanding footprint in the region with four APAC data centres, the partnership will pave the way for an expanded presence in the region with VSTECS’s expansive reach of 50,000 channel partners across Asia, including emerging Southeast Asian data centre hubs like Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia. 


“Singapore's dynamic business landscape requires storage solutions that are not just innovative but also finely attuned to the diverse demands of the market that comprises both large enterprises and smaller organisations with niche needs,” said Sebastian Chong, President, VSTECS Singapore. “Our collaboration with Wasabi, complemented by their local data centre, positions us to meet these demands head-on, providing customers with faster, reliable, and locally optimised hot storage solutions that can also cater to neighbouring Southeast Asian markets that are similarly witnessing a spike in storage needs.” 

The partnership will simultaneously boost VSTECS Singapore’s ability to meet the diverse needs of the local market through Wasabi’s disruptive price-performance model that provides public cloud storage solutions at prices up to 80 percent less expensive than industry competitors. Wasabi’s cost-effective cloud storage never charges for egress fees or API requests, so customers receive predictable bills. With recent survey estimates pointing toward one in two APAC businesses overspending for cloud services, enhanced access to faster, more price-performant solutions will prove critical for Singapore as the region’s foremost digital hub with an increasing proportion of small and medium enterprises pursuing digital transformation.  

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