User Interface (UI)

What is a User Interface (UI)?

Within virtually any technological capacity, a user interface—or simply a “UI”—is how human counterparts interact and communicate with a device. Common familiar components of a UI include things like keyboards, screens, mouses, remote controls, and many other tools that allow users to interact with their devices. Since the UI is the major point of interactive access for human users, there is a strong emphasis on designing interfaces that are as streamlined and intuitive as possible from an operational standpoint, while remaining as pleasant to look at and navigate with from an aesthetic perspective.

Wasabi’s user-centric user interface

In regards to cloud computing, UI components serve as the primary method for users to access their stored data. And with Wasabi, customers are provided a simple, standards-based interface designed to work with any Internet-development toolkit. The UI operations are made as simple to operate as possible, making it easy for our customers to add new distribution protocols, functional layers, or carry out any number of other functions. In addition, the Wasabi interface is fully compatible with Amazon S3, meaning any storage application that works with Amazon S3 will also work with Wasabi.

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