Machine Learning

What is Machine Learning?

Machine learning is essentially a type of artificial intelligence (AI) that uses algorithms to "learn" from a set of data to either draw conclusions or make predictions from it, all without the need for humans to write complex code to help it along.

Why is machine learning important?

Machine learning applications are used throughout a variety of industries, including life sciences where it helps with things like human genome sequencing, the energy sector where it helps with predictive maintenance, and law enforcement where agencies utilize it to predict crime levels and help with resource allocation. As businesses within these and many other fields continue to increase automation and the pace of their innovations as a result of machine learning, more and more are learning that traditional on-premises storage platforms and first-generation cloud storage services like Amazon S3 are far too costly for many machine-learning projects. That’s primarily due to the massive datasets that have to be maintained for machines to learn efficiently. With Wasabi, however, customers get cloud storage that’s 80% cheaper than S3, with no confusing or hidden fees. As a result, Wasabi is a fast, commodity-priced storage solution that’s ideal for machine data storage.

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