Edge Computing

What is Edge Computing?

Edge computing is the delivery of various computing capabilities with the intent of improving performance, reducing operating costs, and increasing the reliability of vital applications and services.

Wasabi’s Edge Computing Solutions

With traditional centralized systems architectures, data is backhauled and processed in the cloud, but with the increased performance demands of the modern era, many enterprises and service providers are moving to decentralized systems that push specific data processing functions to the edge of the network. These new edge compute gateways and servers aggregate, process, and analyze data at the periphery of the enterprise or service network provider, resulting in a plethora of functional benefits.

By partnering with innovative companies like Equinix, Flexential, and many others, Wasabi is able to introduce on-demand edge-computing-as-a-service solutions that are extremely affordable, fast, and reliable. And since it’s all stored in Wasabi’s hot cloud, these solutions are ideal for companies looking to store massive datasets at the core of a smart system.

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