What is DevOps?

DevOps is a collection of philosophies, methodologies and toolsets that help businesses deliver applications more quickly and cost-effectively. DevOps leverages agile and lean software development principles and practices to improve collaboration and productivity across engineering, quality assurance and operations teams.

How can Wasabi support my DevOps strategy?

DevOps helps companies accelerate time-to-market, improve software quality and reduce costs by eliminating independent functional and administrative silos, and automating change management, configuration management and deployment processes. Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage is easy to understand, easy to automate, and exceptionally cost-effective to scale, which makes it perfect for DevOps.

Using Wasabi eliminates upfront capital equipment investments, recurring hardware maintenance fees, and ongoing operations expenses (such as power, cooling, and real estate). With Wasabi, you can also expand capacity on-demand to satisfy real-time application requirements and tightly align ongoing expenses with evolving business demands. And with no storage infrastructure to manage, you can free up IT operations staff to focus on strategic tasks to support and grow the business.