Cloud Provisioning

What is cloud provisioning?

Simply put, “cloud provisioning” is the process of deploying a company’s unique cloud computing strategy with the underlying intent of improving upon existing business processes. Perhaps the most common example of cloud provisioning is when a company transitions some of its existing applications to the cloud without having to significantly re-architect those applications.

How Wasabi streamlines the cloud provisioning process

Before the actual deployment of any cloud provisioning strategy can begin, the total costs must be determined and agreed upon, as well as a number of other key matters such as the necessary level of reliability, fault tolerance, and security. However, when it comes to cloud provisioning, Wasabi ensures all of our clients’ unique infrastructure needs are taken into account before applications are ever migrated. In addition, the executive members of our team go to great lengths to meticulously outline road maps to identify potential software development needs or complications ahead of time. These road maps are then reviewed and implemented by our highly skilled technology teams. In addition, Wasabi has two primary provisioning methods available for the management of our cloud storage accounts when they’re used by end-user customers. The methods include:

  • Using separate Wasabi accounts for each customer via the Wasabi Account Management API.

  • Using a single Wasabi account with separate storage bucket for each customer

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