Cloud Management Platform (CMP)

What is a cloud Management platform?

A cloud management platform or “CMP” is software designed to combine a set of features or modules together, thereby allowing for the management of multiple types of cloud environments in a single interface. CMPs are essential for businesses storing data in a number of locations and mediums, since, without a CMP, each storage array must be managed individually. However, as strategically integrated products, CMPs provide a solution that allows for the management of data across platforms.

Discover an affordable, scalable CMP capable of meeting any multi-cloud needs

CMPs that can handle multiple types of cloud environments are becoming more and more essential for companies wanting to balance costs with performance. Wasabi’s hot cloud storage is not only economical, fast, and reliable, but also promotes easy management of multiple types of cloud environments. Unlike first-generation cloud storage service providers who are infamous for their confusing storage tiers and convoluted pricing schemes, Wasabi is 100% straightforward and transparent when it comes to pricing. With our hot cloud storage, you get one product capable of supporting virtually every cloud storage use-case scenario.

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