Cloud Engineer

What is a Cloud Engineer?

A cloud engineer is a professionally trained individual responsible for performing a variety of technical duties associated with the upkeep and maintenance of cloud computing systems. These duties can be incredibly varied, encompassing everything from designing the actual cloud systems themselves to implementing and monitoring the associated software over time.

How cloud engineering works at Wasabi

Many smaller cloud computing companies are forced to assign a massive amount of duties onto a single individual, resulting in one person juggling the myriad responsibilities of cloud architects, cloud software engineers, cloud systems engineers, and more - all under the umbrella title of “cloud engineer.” However, Wasabi’s larger organizational size, coupled with our team of specialized cloud computing experts, allows us to assign these diverse cloud engineer roles to a number of people, instead of forcing all these responsibilities on just one individual. As a result, each of Wasabi’s cloud engineers is able to focus on the exact area of expertise where they excel, which always results in a better end product and customer experience for our clients.

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