Bottomless Cloud

Where does the term “bottomless cloud” come from?

"The Bottomless Cloud" is a book written by Tom Koulopoulos and Wasabi CEO, David Friend. In it, Koulopoulos and Friend argue that people should stop examining the world through an outdated "scarcity" lens and instead seek out the endless opportunities offered up by a cloud-empowered world of infinite data.

Untapping the potential of the bottomless cloud

Electric power and the evolution of utilities fueled the growth of industrialization throughout the 20th century. That’s exactly what’s happening today as an unimaginable amount of data is moving into the cloud where it will fuel the next big revolution in AI and machine learning. However, most people are still using the antiquated industrial age lens that was built on the economics of scarcity. The major issue with this scarcity model is that the storage of data is still being viewed as something to be minimized.

However, the new way to look at data storage is to keep everything in a literally endless (or bottomless) cloud, then focus on new ways to extract value knowing that all data is kept in perpetuity. In time, data storage will become a cheap and abundant resource that powers everything - in other words, a "Bottomless Cloud."

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