GigaOm Radar for Alternatives to Amazon S3 report 

Are you paying too much for object storage? 

Object storage has revolutionized how companies store their data in the cloud and on-premises, but as data consumption increases, organizations need more efficient, inexpensive alternatives to the big storage providers. 

Services like Amazon’s Simple Storage Service (S3) typically have complex pricing models with egress fees and costly storage tiers, which limit flexibility in executing a multicloud strategy. 

This GigaOm Radar report, building on cumulative years of market research, examines 12 of the top alternatives to Amazon S3, comparing: 

  • Core features 

  • Emerging features 

  • Business criteria as outlined in our Key Criteria comparison charts 

See if switching storage providers can boost your bottom line. 

Make a more informed object storage investment decision. Download the report to learn more.