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Wasabi Technologies Keeps Critical Healthcare Information Safe for Kasugai Municipal Hospital

Scalable, secure Wasabi cloud storage helps hospital maintain operations in event of ransomware attack or natural disaster

BOSTON and TOKYO– June 3 2024Wasabi Technologies, the hot cloud storage company, today announced it has been selected by Kasugai Municipal Hospital as its cloud storage provider of choice for the migration of its backup data from tape and on-premise storage to the cloud. In order to address data protection concerns in the event of a ransomware attack or natural disaster, Kasugai Municipal Hospital chose to transition to Wasabi cloud storage for its immutable data copies, local data center and the ability to integrate with Cohesity’s backup solution.

“With hyperscaler cloud services, unexpected charges can occur when retrieving data,” said Hayato Baba, Information Officer, Administrative Management Division, Medical Information Technology Center, Kasugai Municipal Hospital. “If an incident occurs and you try to retrieve data from the cloud for recovery, an additional cost will be billed, even during restore tests, costs will be incurred. For public hospitals, if expenses exceed the budget, an application for additional budgets is required but with Wasabi, since there is no charge for retrieving data, it is possible to operate a backup system within an allocated budget."

Ransomware attacks targeting hospitals have been frequently occurring in Japan, resulting in medical services being suspended for extended periods, and leaving healthcare providers unable to provide critical services. Medical institutions are taking measures to combat ransomware attacks by setting safeguards to manage medical information systems, maintain facility operations and protect patient information and other critical data, including Kasugai Municipal Hospital, which provides medical services as a core regional hospital. At Kasugai Municipal Hospital, strengthening ransomware countermeasures has become an urgent task as it is a designated disaster base hospital, providing critical medical care that meets diverse needs. Kasugai Municipal Hospital is required to continue services reliably not only during normal operations but also during natural disasters. Therefore, ensuring the reliability and availability of IT systems, including electronic medical records, is extremely important.

“Wasabi is the perfect solution for backups in the cloud that are protected with data immutability which prevents any alteration or deletion of data, ensuring healthcare providers like Kasugai Municipal Hospital can maintain operation during ransomware attacks or other disasters,” said Aki Wakimoto, Japan Country Manager, Wasabi Technologies. “We look forward to partnering with Kasugai Municipal Hospital to provide the peace of mind their data is safe.”

Wasabi never charges for egress fees or API requests, which enables Kasugai Municipal Hospital to protect their data at a predictable price. Kasugai Municipal Hospital also selected to combine Wasabi cloud storage and the protection of its immutable data copies with Cohesity's backup solution, enabling high data compression rates, with operation and management entrusted to NEC Networks & System Integration Corporation. Additionally, Wasabi’s security and reliability delivers Kasugai Municipal Hospital a SLA of 99.9% and with extremely high data durability of eleven nines, which is critical to maintain operations.

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