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Wasabi Technologies and Rasilient Systems Team Up to Deliver High-Performance Video Surveillance Storage at the Edge

September 15, 2021

BOSTON, MA — September 15, 2021Wasabi Technologies, the hot cloud storage company, today announced a new partnership with Rasilient Systems, the pioneer in forensic-grade video surveillance systems, to deliver industry-leading hybrid cloud storage solutions for video surveillance deployments at the edge. This partnership combines the strength of Rasilient’s surveillance system optimization with Wasabi’s unlimited scalability and disruptively low cost so users in industries with multiple distributed locations like healthcare networks, education systems, and retail branches, can effectively handle the rising amount of video being captured at previously deemed “unserviceable” or “difficult” remote locations.

With the ever-increasing amount of data produced by video surveillance applications, moving and archiving infrequently-accessed video to an offsite, secure, and reliable storage environment is the only way to keep up with the demand of footage being generated at the edge. Unfortunately, this is nearly impossible for remote locations due to limited bandwidth and connectivity needed to send video files without the risk of frame drop, video degradation, and data corruption.

Now with Wasabi’s affordable, fast, and reliable hot cloud storage on-demand, Rasilient customers can shorten upload windows and quickly access their video files for faster retrieval times with a highly scalable repository for their video management software (VMS) that supports high camera counts, high-definition resolutions, high frame rates, and long retention periods - all demands of modern video surveillance deployments. Wasabi is 80% less expensive to store video recordings than traditional cloud providers and there are no fees for egress or API requests. This lower cost allows customers to utilize video surveillance not only for security and safety, but for a variety of uses to cost-effectively monitor operations for business optimization and process improvement, while holding on to that footage forever so they can refer back to it whenever necessary. The two companies partner up to offer cloud, edge hardware, and secure transmission in a simple, predictable RMR pricing model as well – omitting the expensive and fluctuating costs that are traditionally associated with cloud storage solutions.

“With modern systems capturing more evidence and anomalies than ever before, there is a surging demand for increased storage capacity that is scalable, dependable, and secure,” said Sean Chang, co-founder and CEO at Rasilient Systems. “By partnering with Wasabi, we’re able to provide our customers with a hybrid cloud solution that is affordable, fast, reliable, and secure so they are properly equipped to manage the growing volume of video captured across locations.”

Rasilient’s patent-pending, VMS-agnostic NFDLink communication software enables the use of commonly available broadband wired or wireless Internet services to send and receive forensic-grade video recordings directly to and from the Wasabi cloud. Wasabi’s flexible storage capacity allows organizations to leverage NFDLink to archive infrequently accessed video to Wasabi from any VMS, while keeping frequently accessed video on-site with Rasilient edge devices. Rasilient’s PrivateLok provides zero-knowledge encryption at the edge to add cybersecurity on top of Wasabi’s safe and secure environment. Only the edge user holds the key, so even if the network was somehow compromised no one could view sensitive video data.

Wasabi is deployed in fully secure and redundant data centers that are certified for SOC-2 and ISO 27001 compliance. The service is architected in accordance with industry-best security models and design practices. Organizations can configure their individual video files or storage buckets to be immutable for a user-defined retention period (in increments of days, weeks, months or years). Designated video files or files written to that bucket cannot be deleted or altered in any way, by anyone, throughout its storage lifetime. This level of immutability helps Rasilient customers comply with state and local government regulations.

“Industries that operate in multiple locations such as healthcare, government, education, and enterprise retail may have a blend of software at different sites, oftentimes not having one standard VMS across all locations.” said David Friend, founder and CEO of Wasabi. “This scenario makes it difficult for organizations to keep up with increasing levels of video surveillance at the edge in a secure and cost-effective manner. Rasilient has created a surveillance solution that is dependable, can be used in remote areas, and can cover multiple sites. We’re excited to partner with Rasilient to provide their customers with a flexible, cost-effective and secure cloud storage solution that caters to the modern demands of video surveillance.”

About Rasilient Systems

Rasilient Systems is a leading provider of VMS-agnostic video surveillance hardware platforms since 2001 and have expanded their portfolio to include cloud storage and innovative video transmission. Their solutions are purpose-built for forensic-grade video surveillance and AI analytics. This enables Rasilient to eliminate deficiencies, like recording gaps, in video recording experienced by platforms originally purposed for IT. Offering No Frames Dropped (NFDTM), video quality, health monitoring, scalability, and efficiency to achieve the lowest OPEX/CAPEX in the market.

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About Wasabi Technologies

Wasabi provides simple, predictable and affordable hot cloud storage for businesses all over the world. It enables organizations to store and instantly access an unlimited amount of data at 1/5th the price of the competition with no complex tiers or unpredictable egress fees. Trusted by tens of thousands of customers worldwide, Wasabi has been recognized as one of technology’s fastest-growing and most visionary companies. Created by Carbonite co-founders and cloud storage pioneers David Friend and Jeff Flowers, Wasabi has secured nearly $275 million in funding to date and is a privately held company based in Boston.

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