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Wasabi and Marquis Broadcast Partner To Deliver Transformative Speed and Affordable Disaster Recovery Solution for Avid ISIS NEXIS Environments

March 26, 2018

Las Vegas, NV – March 26, 2018 – NABSHOW (Booths: Marquis SU6225 and Wasabi SL15216) – Marquis Broadcast, provides a range of media integration products designed for the data-intensive and challenging requirements of today's fast-paced media production environments, and Wasabi, the hot cloud storage company that delivers the lowest prices and fastest performance in the industry, have partnered to help media and entertainment (M&E) companies accelerate backup and recovery, reduce risks and save money. The integrated solution lets users back up business critical Avid workspaces to the cloud, quickly, securely and cost-effectively, with significantly longer retention periods than traditional on-site backup solutions.

The solution comes as Avid continues to scale out ultra-high capacity, high performance NEXIS shared storage, where the operational recovery times from a major facility outage have also increased, sometimes taking weeks to recover a large system. In the event of a major outage due to fire or flood, a local back up may also be compromised and unavailable, at the very least causing very significant operational problems. In extreme circumstances this might involve having to reproduce the work from the original camera rushes causing significant delay and additional cost.

Mitigating against the worst-case scenario has traditionally been extremely difficult, expensive and slow. The biggest risk is associated with total loss or delays in accessing work-in-progress, required to enable key production deliverables. Such a risk is often uninsurable and businesses can be completely exposed without appropriate disaster recovery mitigation.

Certifying Wasabi cloud storage with Workspace Backup results is a step change in protection for Avid work-in-progress as it offers the highest level of protection, the fastest recovery to production, and at an industry transforming price point.

Wasabi offers 100% S3 compatible cloud storage that is 80% cheaper and 6x faster than an equivalent Amazon S3 connection. Wasabi also recently introduced unlimited free data egress, meaning that there are no incremental and unpredictable charges for PUT, GET, DELETE calls which are critical to the operation of a rolling incremental backup with retention period.

Workspace Backup is unique in that it runs low-level analytics on Avid ISIS and NEXIS media and the projects. It is aware of the relationship between workspaces, projects, bins and media. This ensures all media associated with a protected project are written to the backup, even if the project referenced media is in an unprotected workspace or via AMA. Standard IT backup tools cannot intelligently ensure the integrity of a backed-up project so there is always the risk of missing project media in the recovery.

Workspace Backup writes natively to Wasabi, typically a set and forget overnight operation. After the first backup, only the workspace changes are written to Wasabi. Importantly Workspace Backup externalizes the ISIS NEXIS native media to 100% compatible Media Composer projects. Projects may be recovered from the backup in Wasabi and returned to production within minutes, not the days or weeks of production outage that might be incurred using conventional DR technology.

As Wasabi is cloud based, the recovery could be directed to a second production centre if the first production centre is unavailable. Using simple, free, Workspace Backup recovery tools, individual projects or complete workspaces can be recovered.

Chris Steele, Managing Director, Marquis Broadcast “We believe using Workspace Backup with Wasabi is industry transforming, it is critical to serve the needs of the large enterprises. However, it is also the ability of the partnership offering of Wasabi with Marquis’s Workspace Backup to also scale down that is interesting. Very often it’s the smaller ISIS NEXIS systems that work the hardest and the work-in- progress is every bit as valuable as that on a large-scale system.”

David Friend, CEO at Wasabi commented, “We are excited that our joint solution with Marquis enables all Avid ISIS NEXIS users to access high speed enterprise class S3 protection at a fractional price of the traditional offerings. At the end of the day, this jointly certified solution combines to mitigate against uninsurable risk and protect the reputation of businesses and the people within them. This announcement marks a major step forward for the Media & Entertainment industry in protecting their data and businesses and delivers ground-breaking backup economics, performance and durability for Avid workspaces.”

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Marquis Broadcast provides a range of media integration products designed for the data-intensive and challenging requirements of today's fast-paced media production environments and enabling producers of digital media to achieve maximum efficiencies from their workflow processes. Find out more:

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