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Wasabi Integrates with GrayMeta to Power Enhanced Searches

November 12, 2019

BOSTON, MA - November 12, 2019 -  Wasabi, the hot cloud storage company, announces its partnership with GrayMeta, the leading provider of metadata solutions powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning, to bring deep content analysis and search capabilities to Wasabi customers. With this partnership, Wasabi customers can now leverage GrayMeta's Curio platform to harness artificial intelligence and the power of machine learning search capabilities for customers to realize value in their content workflow.

Wasabi’s hot cloud storage delivers breakthrough economics at a fraction of the price of other cloud storage and has performance speeds faster than its competition. Wasabi’s innovative technology delivers cloud storage that scales infinitely, is easy to use, offers a tier-free pricing structure and has no charges for egress or API requests. Wasabi provides 11 nines of durability and offers an immutable bucket feature, which ensures that data will never be lost due to human error, system failure, or other causes.

Combining innovative technologies from GrayMeta and Wasabi, content owners can leverage the best-of-breed storage with enhanced search capabilities; helping users to be more efficient. GrayMeta’s Curio platform connects directly to Wasabi, automatically generating rich metadata from stored video, audio, images, scripts and documents and enables highly refined and rapid searches. The application uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze media libraries and attach unique identifiers to each piece of content, including emotion, logos, faces, landmarks, background audio and more. Its enhanced search capabilities allow for command over a content library.

“Wasabi’s partnership with GrayMeta allows hyper-specific and automatic indexing of data combined with bottomless cloud storage to create a winning combination,” shares David Friend, CEO of Wasabi. “This will be available to media producers and content creators of all sizes looking to spend less time searching for what they want and more time delivering excellent content and generating video for their audiences. Content owners are looking for ways to speed the production workflow while also controlling costs. This partnership will allow users to do just that.”

The Media & Entertainment industry is generating digital content everyday, more than ever before, while operating under tighter deadlines and narrower profit margins. Producers are looking to increase efficiency wherever they can. Finding exactly what is needed and when it’s needed is an ever growing challenge that is becoming increasingly difficult to overcome. Film studios and content creators of all sizes are generating video at a formidable clip. 400 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute, and streaming services are investing millions to create the next bingeable hit. This partnership and technology allows content owners to easily and efficiently search their catalog for exactly the type of asset they might need for any situation, save time and improve workflows. The service is essential to any professional media production enterprise with a large volumes of files. The ability to quickly identify the specific content or sentiment of an asset is invaluable in the fast-paced world of media production.

“In this environment, the “holy grail” is to be able to search one’s storage and find within seconds any file, scene, image, person, place or thing to get relevant content to market as fast as possible - partnering with Wasabi gives users the chance to achieve this, says Tom Szabo, CEO of GrayMeta. “There is also the desire to monetize legacy media libraries and take advantage of all the new consumer video services and social media outlets.”


About Wasabi:

Wasabi is the hot cloud storage company delivering disruptive storage technology that is 1/5th the price of Amazon S3 and faster than the competition with no fees for egress or API requests. Unlike first generation cloud vendors, Wasabi focuses solely on providing the world's best cloud storage platform. Created by Carbonite co-founders and cloud storage pioneers David Friend and Jeff Flowers, Wasabi is on a mission to commoditize the storage industry. Wasabi is a privately held company based in Boston, MA. Follow and connect with Wasabi on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and our blog.


About GrayMeta:

GrayMeta is an AI powered metadata company that delivers enterprise efficiency and monetizes assets. GrayMeta provides the ability to create, extract and store intelligent metadata, turning unstructured data into valuable assets, and delivers media workflow efficiencies through the supply chain with workflow, collaboration, and quality control tools. For more information about GrayMeta, visit


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