Leadership Team

Vin Antarkar

Vice President, Operations

Vin Antarkar

Vin is a proven technology leader in Engineering, Operations, and Product management. Over his 30+ year-long career, he has operated in small and large organizations, but startups represent his true passion.

Vin believes in creating and inspiring strong teams with a deep sense of trust and camaraderie and embodies a goal-oriented attitude. He has been a champion of and instrumental in creating geographically distributed high-quality engineering teams.

At Wasabi, Vin manages the company's global cloud storage service offering. Before Wasabi, Vin was at Verizon Wireless leading the Systems Integration, Technical support, and QA functions. Before Verizon, Vin was at Cedarpoint Communications holding leadership positions in Engineering, Operations, and Product management. Vin also co-founded Fringe Technologies which Movik Networks later acquired.

Vin has a degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Pune, India, and a diploma in Strategic Management from Harvard Business School. He has made New England his home since 1998, after moving to Cape Cod to join Excel Switching Corporation which Lucent Technologies acquired.

 Vin is a tennis and cricket enthusiast and enjoys spending time in nature. He loves to globetrot and to whet his appetite for all local cuisines during his travels.