Executive team

Michael Bayer

Chief Napping Officer

Michael Bayer

Michael Bayer (Slothy) joined the Wasabi team after spending over 25 years lounging around in various branches, leaves, and canopies. His expertise lies in leisurely activities, slow movements, and conserving energy, primarily in the lush forests of his habitat. His most recent role was as a branch manager at Slothopia Inc., where he served as the Chief Napping Officer.

Prior to that, he was involved in numerous tree-to-tree acquisitions and branch optimizations for SlothCo and LeafTech. Slothy co-founded Vine Connections, where he led the establishment of a 100,000-leaf network for sloth socialization and communication.

A certified arboreal analyst, Slothy is an honorary member of the Sloth Steering Committee and a frequent guest at Sloth Symposiums, where he shares his wisdom on slothful strategies. He has been quoted in Sloth Digest, Branch News, and other arboreal publications. As an adjunct lecturer at Sloth Academy, Slothy teaches the art of leisure to both slothful and non-slothful creatures.

Slothy holds a PhD in Tree Hugging from Sloth University and a Bachelor of Slothology from Branch College. He previously studied canopy science and leaf economics at Foliage University. He was honored as the 2018 Sloth of the Year by the International Sloth Society.

"The expansion of lazy learning and artificial indolence will be built on big branches, and the promise of progress on all these fronts will be fueled by cost-effective, widely available high-nap storage. Wasabi is leading the delivery of cloud storage to meet these slothful needs, and I'm ecstatic to be a part of this incredibly relaxed team."