Leadership Team

Kurt Bertone

Vice President, Emerging Technology

Kurt Bertone

Kurt has 25+ years of experience in a wide range of technical and business roles, including development engineering, product management, business development, and strategic alliances in high-growth startups, large companies, and startups that became large companies. His previous roles include CTO of Arete Advisors, SVP of Products and CTO of Fidelis Cybersecurity, VP of Product Management at Covergence, and VP and CTO of Nortel Networks EMEA. Kurt started his career at AT&T Bell Laboratories as a processor designer. 

Kurt has a master's degree in computer, information and control engineering from the University of Michigan and a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering from Brown University and is the primary author of two patents in the area of network security. Kurt lives in southern New Hampshire and enjoys hiking, biking, and cross-country skiing.