Wasabi’s growing partnership with NTT Communications in Japan

May 31, 2023

The use of cloud storage is on the rise in the Japanese market. However, companies in Japan still demonstrate a strong resistance to storing valuable corporate data outside of their organizations, and many are hesitant to use cloud storage. In order to meet the stringent security and accessibility requirements of Japanese organizations, Wasabi has partnered with NTT Communications to provide cloud storage services to offer our customers peace of mind. With secure cloud storage now available, the next factor is cost. Wasabi's cloud storage is a very inexpensive, safe, and secure solution – especially when compared to hyperscaler storage services.

For example, Toshiba Corporation’s on-premises file servers were tiered, and the system was modified with Wasabi cloud storage to automatically send data that had not been used for a specific period of time to Wasabi – resulting in a 30% cost savings. Additionally, Wasabi boasts a data durability of eleven-nines, and helps companies securely store all their critical data with object-level immutability. Moreover, there is no impact on usability – users enjoy the same access to the file server as before. We believe this is a very effective solution for enterprise customers who are struggling with growing file server costs.

Wasabi cloud storage is offered to customers as a single set of solutions together with NTT Communications’ Smart Data Platform. To date, we have nearly 1,000 customers, including Toshiba Corporation, using our services. Our partnership with NTT Communications began in 2019, and we are pleased to announce that it has been extended for another five years. Both companies will continue to work together to deliver inexpensive, easy-to-manage, and reliable cloud storage in the Japanese market as the explosion of data and effective use of that data will be vital for companies in the future.

There is no doubt that cloud storage that does not charge for data use and is highly reliable will become increasingly important. The current hyperscale model doesn’t support the explosion of data that businesses continue to see. On average, hyperscaler fees like egress and API requests account for nearly half of a customer’s monthly fee. This is especially true in Japan, where costs associated with the use of data are higher than fees related to storing that data. As mentioned above, with Wasabi, there are no fees for data usage. Only storage capacity and duration of use are subject to fees.

Looking ahead, Wasabi’s advantage – a disruptive price/performance model that is less expensive and faster than the competition – will resonate with even more users across Japan as we continue to go to market with NTT Communications. Industries such as media and entertainment and surveillance will increasingly turn to Wasabi’s secure, affordable, fast, and reliable cloud storage to store their critical data.

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