Scality and Wasabi Bring the “Heat” to Deliver on the Promise of Hybrid Cloud

April 9, 2024

Today, every company is a data company. Data underpins almost everything a modern enterprise does and not only is it growing in volume, but cybercriminals are desperate to get their hands on it. Organizations need a way to store all of this data securely, affordably and with the ability to scale. At the same time, many organizations are also looking for an alternative to the traditional public cloud and the big providers like AWS and GCP.  

Wasabi and Scality help organizations by offering a solution that keeps data safe and secure while also leveraging the best of cloud services in a hybrid model. 


Radical resiliency in a hybrid cloud environment

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When cold is hot 

Scality ARTESCA is simple and secure S3 object software that seamlessly integrates with Veeam for immutable, ransomware-proof backups. It was developed to meet the changing needs of security-focused, data-rich organizations of any size, based on our proven track record of supporting the world’s largest organizations. 

With Wasabi as a partner, together we’re expanding the power of ARTESCA. As a “hot” cloud storage company, Wasabi offers fast, reliable cloud storage on demand at a reasonable cost — a whopping 80% less than Amazon S3, in fact. Scality ARTESCA delivers the lowest entry point for any object store on the market, helping to boost the cost-effectiveness of Wasabi. 

Wasabi is also faster than first-gen cloud vendors, offers 11 nines of durability (99.999999999% reliability), and supports S3 Object Lock for data immutability to ensure stored objects can’t be changed or deleted.  

Another winning factor? Unlike traditional cloud providers, Wasabi doesn’t charge for API or egress requests, keeping costs not only low but predictable. With Wasabi, all data remains “hot” so users can access it in milliseconds. That means it’s quick and easy for Scality and Wasabi customers to access their data, which leads to faster restore times. 

How Scality and Wasabi work together  

All data, wherever it’s created in the infrastructure, must be secured and managed in alignment with business policies and regulations. Today, ransomware attackers target backups 93% of the time. Consequently, organizations are searching for ways to reduce risk and avoid paying ransoms to get their data back. They also want to make sure that the business can keep functioning as usual, even if an attack is in progress. The fundamental way to achieve this is by protecting their backups with immutability the instant they’re written. Storage appliances, whether software or hardware-based, should be hardened to reduce threat exposure. 

The integrated Scality ARTESCA and Wasabi solution provides a unified, hybrid–cloud storage repository for maximum security, agility, choice and cost–savings. App developers can use it to incorporate cloud storage into their apps with ease, and end customers can use it to lower the cost of storage and improve data protection and mobility.  

This ARTESCA + Wasabi solution is ideal for small and midsize businesses that run their most critical workloads on-premises. They don’t have strict compliance restrictions and can leverage the public cloud for additional capacity and protection. Potentially, some of their workloads — such as Microsoft 365 (email, SharePoint) — are already running in the cloud. Their on-premises workloads may be located in their own data centers but more realistically, they’re running on a colocation (“colo”) datacenter. These customers are cost-conscious and can’t afford to run a secondary disaster recovery datacenter. Yet they need to operate their IT services 24/7 and be able to recover in case of a major disaster. 

artesca with wasabi use case diagram

In that context:  

  • Veeam offers a comprehensive backup solution for protecting any workload in the datacenter (Veeam Backup & Replication) and in the cloud (Veeam Backup for M365).  

  • ARTESCA permits fast backups to minimize the impact of backups on production workloads. ARTESCA acts as the primary repository for both VBR and M365 backups.  

  • ARTESCA offers fast recoveries to minimize downtime in case of a major outage, on-prem or in the cloud, data loss due to hardware failures, undue data deletions, or ransomware attack.  

  • Wasabi provides a cost-effective off-site and immutable SaaS storage solution to recover data in case of disaster in the datacenter, such as fire, flood or earthquake.  

With Veeam, ARTESCA and Wasabi, customers can implement a 3-2-1-1-0 backup policy:  

  • 3 copies of the data: primary storage + ARTESCA + Wasabi  

  • 2 different backup repos: ARTESCA + Wasabi  

  • 1 externalized backup: Wasabi  

  • At least 1 immutable backup: In this case ARTESCA + Wasabi are both immutable. So, Veeam can store its backups with end-to-end immutability.  

  • 0 failed recovery: Veeam implements “sure backup” to verify backups can be recovered; the ARTESCA repo makes this practical thanks to its performance.  

Achieving radical hybrid–cloud resiliency  

The combination of Scality and Wasabi, coupled with backup from Veeam, is a highly scalable and flexible solution offering unparalleled cybersecurity and unified management that’s affordable. With this “pay–as–you–grow” model, customers pay for capacity so they don’t have to fret over unpredictable costs. 

Scality, Wasabi and Veeam are hosting a webinar, “Radical Resiliency in a Hybrid-Cloud Environment,” on April 18. Join us at 10:00 AM BST to learn more about how these solutions turn up the heat on attackers by working together to make your hybrid-cloud radically secure and resilient. 

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