Simplifying Disaster Recovery with Wasabi, Cloud Instant Backup Recovery, and Veeam

June 12, 2024By Greg Tellone, CEO, Cloud IBR

Disaster Recovery (DR) is a crucial aspect of IT infrastructure, yet its complexity and cost deter organizations from implementing solutions. With the arrival of Cloud Instant Backup Recovery (Cloud IBR), an innovative collaboration between Wasabi, Cloud IBR, and Veeam, DR capabilities are simple and cost effective. Why did DR become unaffordable and complex? How are we working together to make DR accessible to not only large companies, but mid-sized and small companies? Let’s walk through it together.

Understanding the DR challenge 

The typical business continuity plan for many small businesses starts with, “We had a disaster, now what?”. The complexities of recovering from a full-site disaster start with ordering new servers, switches, firewalls, cabling, etc. The next issue you face is, “Where will I set up all this new equipment?”. Imagine negotiating a contract for colocation with a data center provider under duress while your business is at a standstill and management keeps asking for updates. Fast forward two very long weeks later and the equipment has arrived at the data center, assuming there were no issues with the supply chain causing the servers to take several weeks or more to arrive. You head off to the data center, unpack all the new equipment, rack mount it, cable it, install the Operating Systems, configure the switches, configure your firewall and routing rules, VPN, etc. and now finally, you can install Veeam, add your Wasabi Object Storage repository and begin restoring your servers. This leads to a Recovery Time Objective (RTO) of 2 to 4 weeks – not good for any business.

Enter Cloud IBR SaaS which fully automates the provisioning of high-performance dedicated servers, Storage Area Network (SAN), network switches, firewall rules, port mappings, client-based OpenVPN, IPSEC VPN tunnels, installs Veeam and adds your Wasabi repository, all in less than 1 hour. Cloud IBR then begins restoring all of your servers from your Wasabi backups, reducing your RTO from weeks to hours. It’s brilliantly simple.

Because most DR solutions are too complicated and expensive for businesses to implement, it presents organizations with gaps which leads to vulnerabilities in business continuity. The complexity of traditional DR solutions makes implementation and management more difficult to monitor. With the increase of cyberattacks and data breaches each year, the importance of a DR strategy in place also increases. But with the cost and complexity associated with traditional DR solutions, organizations of all sizes are struggling to have a DR plan in place. As shown in the chart below, only 20% of organizations test their backup’s failover capabilities monthly and 18% have any type of orchestrated failover mechanism in place in the event of a disaster. The complexity of DR led to Cloud IBR’s mission of bringing DR to the masses.

Disaster recovery status quo

Cloud IBR: revolutionizing disaster recovery 

Cloud IBR shifted the way disaster recoveries are performed by offering an easy and efficient solution for companies of all sizes. Using both Veeam and Wasabi Object Storage, Cloud IBR automates and simplifies the entire DR process.

Why build DR when you can buy cloud IBR 

  1. Simplicity: Cloud IBR eliminates the need for complex disaster recovery expertise or infrastructure configuration, by offering a straightforward and intuitive SaaS solution that any organization can easily implement and manage.

  2. Cost-Effectiveness: By using Cloud IBR’s OpEx low monthly subscriptions, cloud-based bare metal resources, and automation, any organization can have disaster recovery capabilities without the need for a significant upfront investment. 

  3. Automation: With Cloud IBR, the recovery process is automated from an easy-use web portal, ending the need for manual intervention, and minimizing downtime in the event of a disaster, keeping it easy when it matters most. 

  4. Reliability: Partnering with Wasabi Object Storage and Veeam Backup Software ensures the reliability and durability of offsite and immutable data storage, providing organizations with peace of mind knowing their data is secure and accessible. 

Changing the DR “status quo” makes good business sense 

With the complexities and costs associated with the “old way” of purchasing disaster recovery, considering Cloud IBR makes sense for your business. Cloud IBR, the “new way”, is vital to the operational security of your organization’s DR. Downtime, a dark period when you're not generating revenue, nor available to service customers, is the #1 enemy of any business. Unless you have extra servers on standby or already have replication of a second hot backup site, it will realistically take 1-2 weeks to procure the hardware, stand it up, and recover your backups (if you can). On top of that, there will be a not so nice hit to your CapEx budget. Cloud IBR eliminates the time and cost stress associated with an unplanned outage with its simple and on-demand backup recovery SaaS platform, delivering recovery time objectives (RTOs) of hours, not weeks.

How Cloud IBR, Wasabi, and Veeam work together  

In the event of a disaster or for cybersecurity compliance testing, with one-click, Cloud IBR recovers your immutable Veeam Backups stored in Wasabi Object Storage. Whatever data is stored in your Wasabi bucket will immediately begin the failover to our bare metal cloud infrastructure, getting your organization up and running within hours. Cloud IBR has three subscription levels, no egress fees from Wasabi, and the automated bare metal failover rental is only charged during actual usage. You can estimate your recovery or testing fees here within Cloud IBR’s DR Calculator.

diagram showing data moving from external sources to WasabiJoin us in embracing a new era of disaster recovery  

In our new webinar join Wasabi, Cloud IBR, and Veeam we discuss the challenges facing the DR industry and walk through Cloud IBR, the innovative solution that is revolutionizing disaster recovery.

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