How to Protect Your Cloud Storage Account Credentials

September 25, 2023By Robert Callaghan

If data is the most valuable asset your business has, then how important does that make your cloud storage account password? Keeping your login credentials safe has become a challenge for individuals and businesses alike, who must juggle dozens of logins for all the services they use online.  

Keeping these account credentials out of the hands of people who seek to abuse them is an essential first step in safeguarding your valuable data. Here are three ways to protect cloud storage account credentials.   

Utilize a Password Manager 

With all the accounts IT administrators are expected to keep, it’s a wonder they can keep them all straight. Password managers are more than just a centralized place for all your login info; they can generate strong passwords (you know, the ones with capital letters and symbols at least one US president) and even let you know if a password you’re using has been found in a data breach. Keeping your cloud storage credentials in a password manager puts one more layer of security between your data and a hacker. 

Enable Multi-Factor Authentication 

Speaking of layers of security, Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) adds a second layer of verification on top of your password. This can be anything from a code in an authenticator app, a text sent to your phone, or even a biometric scan. The power of MFA comes from you having something your would-be hacker doesn’t. That way, even if he has your password he can’t get into your account without also having your phone, your email, or your face.  

Wasabi has supported MFA for years now we recommend it to all our users, especially MSPs managing multiple storage accounts for their customers. To learn more about how to enable Multi-Factor Authentication for your Wasabi account, visit our Knowledge Base. 


How to Easily Implement Defense-in-Depth for Cloud Storage

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Use Multi-User Authentication 

Multi-User Authentication (MUA) is new feature that is totally unique to Wasabi. It prevents any one user from deleting a cloud storage account without the approval of at least one other user (We designed the process with multiple steps and safeguards, similar to real-life nuclear launch protocols).  

If any of the designated individuals decline the deletion, the process is automatically canceled. This makes it so no single individual, be it a hacker, a rogue employee, or an inattentive administrator, possess the sole authority to delete the account. 

This feature is less about your cloud storage account credentials, but the safety of all the accounts your business manages. Wasabi is the sole cloud storage provider with this feature, and it could be the difference between your customers’ data existing and not.   

In Summary 

Protecting cloud storage account credentials is crucial for safeguarding valuable data. Use a password manager to generate and store strong passwords. Enable multi-factor authentication for an extra layer of security beyond just a password. For ultimate protection, use Wasabi’s unique Multi-User Authentication which requires multiple users to approve account deletion, preventing any one person from deleting data. Implementing tools like these helps secure credentials and data from unauthorized access.

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