Employee Spotlight: Amrita Choudhary

May 7, 2024By Sean Greenhalgh

In the world of finance and accounting, certain people stand out for their innovative approach. Amrita Choudhary, Accounting Manager at Wasabi, is one such professional. Amrita’s journey with Wasabi is a testament to the power of seizing opportunity and running with it. From India to Boston to Seattle, Amrita has found a true home at Wasabi.  

Early life in India 

Amrita’s formative years in India laid a strong foundation for her future endeavors. Born and raised in the northern part of the country, she completed her schooling up to the twelfth grade in her hometown. Recognizing the limited opportunities in her small city, Amrita made the bold decision to move to South India for further education where she pursued a Bachelor of Commerce, delving into the world of accounting and business.

With a determination to excel, she embarked on the challenging journey of becoming a Chartered Accountant, an endeavor that demanded seven years of rigorous study and perseverance. Despite the intense focus on her studies, which often came at the expense of a social life, Amrita found solace and mentorship among her peers during a three-and-a-half-year internship. Her siblings, who were also in South India, provided her with support and guidance, reinforcing the familial encouragement that helped her navigate the demanding path of her professional qualification. 

Mastering her gift of gab  

While living and working in Boston with her husband beginning in 2016, Amrita worked diligently towards her master's degree at Bentley College in nearby Waltham. She credits working at Bentley as an experience that transformed her from bookish student to chatty extrovert:  

“I feel like I became more confident version of me because especially when I was working as a grad student ambassador in our in our Bentley office. I used to make calls to all students globally, and I used to interact with them, give them counseling, tell them about my journey.”  

While living in Boston, Amrita and her husband enjoyed the Hub’s rich historical and cultural tapestry. Her path took a significant turn when she moved with her husband to Seattle. It was here that she joined Wasabi. 

Innovating lease accounting 

Amrita made an immediate impact upon joining Wasabi in 2022. At Wasabi, she revolutionized the lease accounting process among other achievements. Her innovative method for tracking and updating lease schedules significantly streamlined the month-end close process, reducing it from fifteen days to just five.  

The Culture of Ownership at Wasabi

Amrita's experience at Wasabi has been marked by a culture of ownership and empowerment. Wasabi has provided her with a platform to own processes, implement new controls, and revamp existing ones. This culture of ownership is something that Amrita believes is crucial for those who thrive on taking initiative and making impactful changes. 

Togetherness in a remote world 

Despite the challenges of remote work, Amrita emphasizes the importance of togetherness at Wasabi. The company strives to maintain a unified culture, prioritizing team connectedness and community, regardless of physical location. 

And what’s Amrita’s favorite part about working at Wasabi?  

“Favorite thing? I think Wasabi's work culture. The flexibility what they give to their employees, that is commendable. They want their employee to be wherever they are as long as they're contributing to their work. I think that's the coolest part about Wasabi.”  

Leadership and community building 

Recently, Amrita co-founded the ICAI Seattle Chapter. Aimed at creating a professional community for Indian accountants in the Pacific Northwest, the chapter has become a cornerstone for these professionals, offering resources, networking opportunities, and a platform for professional development. 

Narratives of numbers: enlightening through financial stories 

Beyond her professional milestones, Amrita is passionate about elevating the role of accounting in business. Her podcast, Narratives of Numbers, seeks to demystify financial concepts and articulate the profound stories that numbers can tell about a company's journey. Follow her here!

What advice does Amrita have for new hires?  

“Be curious, take initiative. Because if you're not curious about something, you will always be there. You will never be able to grow. Keep asking questions and always volunteer and take initiative for more and more work because that gives you more things on your plate and you learn. And even if you make mistakes, it's okay; you learn from your mistakes. Talk to people. Be out there. Network. I think these two are the top advice I would give.” 

Amrita’s time at Wasabi is a testament to the power of opportunity, leadership, innovation, and community engagement. Her story isn’t just about personal achievement; it's about the impact of a professional who believes in the transformative power of accounting and finance. Amrita lives the values of Wasabi’s HOT Culture every day. As she continues her journey, she remains a beacon for those in the industry, proving that with dedication and creativity, one can truly make a difference.  

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