HXS Achieves Growth with Centralized Account Management from Wasabi

June 1, 2023By Carson Barcome

HXS, an Austrian IT service provider, delivers a broad spectrum of IT solutions to businesses. Between offering IT consulting, outsourcing, cloud services, and software development services, the managed service provider is committed to helping companies optimize their IT infrastructure and streamline their operations.

Needing to Get Off NAS and Onto ISO-Compliant Storage

HXS was facing a challenge: their clients were seeking assurance that their data was secure from the rising threat of ransomware attacks and were increasingly seeking ISO certificates from their IT service providers. To meet security and compliance regulations in the EU, HXS needed an alternative to their Network Attached Storage (NAS) array that met the strict data storage security controls mandated by the ISO 27001 standard. This led HXS to look for a complimentary ISO-compliant storage solution to better protect their client’s data and business.

Wasabi Cloud Storage + Veeam Backup Deliver Immutable, Manageable Backup and Storage Capabilities

HXS found a solution to satisfy client demands for secure, ISO-compliant storage from Wasabi. The company’s deployment of Wasabi partnered with Veeam backup software enabled HXS to meet GDPR data sovereignty requirements and implement Veeam’s 3-2-1-1-0 backup model, with one copy of backups stored offsite and in Wasabi. By using Wasabi’s S3 Object Lock, backups are immutable – untouchable and unalterable from ransomware threats or bad actors. This solution ensures that clients’ data is safe and readily available for restoration, providing HXS’s customers’ peace of mind that their data is safe and secure.

In the time we’ve had Wasabi Account Control Manager, we’ve been able to grow the company and have added account visibility for our customers because all of our customers can be supported with one easy-to-use tool.”

– Sascha Miloradovic, Virtualization & Backup Specialist at HXS

Realizing Centralized Account Management with Wasabi Account Control Manager

To effectively manage their clients’ solutions, HXS uses Wasabi Account Control Manager. With Wasabi Account Control Manager, HXS has visibility over all end-user Wasabi accounts under one platform, allowing the service provider to aid their customers more effectively. With the Wasabi Account Control Manager interface, the team at HXS can easily automate the creation and modification of sub-accounts from a single pane of glass. As Sascha Miloradovic, Virtualization & Backup Specialist at HXS, said, “With Wasabi Account Control Manager, we have a centralized user interface where we can see everything from the number of buckets to storage consumption. It’s great for invoicing, and we’re using Rest API automation too. We have complete visibility with Wasabi Account Control Manager.“ The centralized management console has been a game-changer for HXS. With around 70 customers' accounts being managed via Account Control Manager, Wasabi has helped the managed service provider to scale, increasing revenue and making their data management processes more efficient. “In the time we’ve had Wasabi Account Control Manager, we’ve been able to grow the company and have added account visibility because all of our customers can be supported with one easy-to-use tool,” said Miloradovic.

HXS Increases Services by Supporting Microsoft 365 Backups

With their Wasabi + Veeam solution offering, HXS has experienced unexpected revenue growth selling Microsoft 365 backup services. In the past, Miloradovic explained that reliable recovery of Microsoft 365 data was not an easy service to provide. “Microsoft says they’re responsible for the service side, and the customer is responsible for backing up their data. Although Microsoft has a backup of client data that we can see in our admin portal, in the last two years, we’ve had many use cases where this was not advantageous enough for clients to recover from.” Now, Microsoft 365 backups are far easier to store, allowing HXS to provide its clients with systematic backups of their Microsoft 365 accounts. Wasabi Account Control Manager has played a crucial role in this growth due to increased account visibility features enabling simplified customer data management. The added value of providing secure and reliable backup services for Microsoft 365 data has proved significant to HXS.

What’s Next for HXS?

As HXS looks to the future, the company sees the opportunity to expand its services by leveraging the Wasabi + Veeam solution. With the launch of Veeam V12, customers can back up directly to Wasabi. Miloradovic shared, “With Veeam V12, our customers won’t have to make backups to our infrastructure because we're also a cloud-connect service provider. They can store directly to Wasabi.” The new storage and backup capabilities present a chance to engage with more clients and provide them with better backup options, more value, and flexibility.

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