Wasabi is now Veeam Ready!

Wasabi has partnered with Veeam, the leader in Backup solutions that enable Intelligent Data Management. Learn how you can immediately take advantage of the disruptive price and performance model of Wasabi through integration with Veeam solutions. Wasabi hot cloud storage is verified as Veeam Ready which confirms both compatibility and performance levels according to Veeam’s highest qualification standards.

Veeam partners can cut storage costs 80%

Wasabi is a natural fit with Veeam Cloud Tier, the feature included in Veeam Availability Suite 9.5 Update 4, that offloads older backup files to more affordable storage, such as cloud object storage. Veeam Cloud Tier provides unlimited capacity for long-term data retention by using cost effective object storage integrations with both native and S3-compatible service providers like Wasabi for enterprises of all sizes. With Wasabi, Veeam CSP partners can rethink your storage strategy and leverage alternative affordable high performance cloud storage. Partners can improve your margins and also pass on savings to your customers, making your overall solution even more competitive.



Veeam + Wasabi for CSPs and MSPs

By combining Veeam and Wasabi, you can now offer seamless end-to-end Backup-as-a Service and Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service without needing to build your own cloud storage infrastructure.

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Benefits of Using Veeam with Wasabi to Power Digital Transformation in the Cloud

Modernize your backup & recovery capability and make digital transformation possible.

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Solution Brief

Improve Data Protection with Veeam and Wasabi

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Knowledge Base

How do I use Veeam with Wasabi? Learn how to integrate our solutions.

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Case Study

OffsiteDataSync — Global managed service provider cuts archival storage costs with Veeam and Wasabi

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Explainer Video

Wasabi + Veeam

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Knowledge Base

How do I use Veeam Backup for Office365 with Wasabi?

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