Professional Services Organization Delivers Data Protection at Scale with Wasabi Account Control Manager

April 25, 2023By Carson Barcome


Cutter Group is a professional services organization based in the United Kingdom and Cyprus that specializes in virtualization for desktops and data centers. The company provides white glove services and acts as a facilitator for its reseller partners. For over 15 years, Cutter Group has provided technical support to companies from Ireland to Oman and many locations in between.

Physical backups proved difficult to scale

Before using Wasabi, Cutter Group supported many customers using Veeam and Veeam Cloud Connect to manage backups. Several Cutter Group customers weren’t storing backups in the cloud and relied on physical offsite storage, including hard drives, LTO tape, and even USB drives in some cases. Customers who stored Veeam backups in the cloud relied upon Cutter Group’s previous, costly cloud storage solution. “We needed a new cloud storage solution,” said Kim Mount, Technical Director at Cutter Group. “Managing each customer’s storage consumption independently became too time-consuming. Plus, we wanted to improve our offsite storage service to protect our customers’ backups from ransomware attacks or bad actors at a modest cost.”

Wasabi Account Control Manager powers account visibility and management

For simple centralized management and visibility into each of their end-users’ storage accounts, Cutter Group uses Wasabi Account Control Manager. The centralized management interface simplifies the implementation, modification, and administration of sub-accounts. With multiple customer backups visible under one platform, Mount and the IT team at Cutter can efficiently monitor the needs of each end-user account individually. “Wasabi Account Control Manager provides account visibility for our operations team and gives us a centralized tool to adjust or add more storage for each individual account as needed,” said Mount. “With Wasabi Account Control Manager, we’re able to manage all our customers’ cloud storage with a single pane of glass. It gives us at-a-glance visibility on storage capacity, keeps operations up to date on billing, and enables us to add capacity or connect new storage when needed in just 30 seconds.”

Wasabi’s ease of use creates an efficient storage solution for MSPs

Today, Cutter Group uses Wasabi to store secondary backups of their customers’ on-premises data. Within days of onboarding Wasabi as an offering for their end users, Mount shared that he had set up at least five customers with Wasabi cloud storage accounts. “Overnight, Wasabi went huge for us. We don’t have to spend time supporting Wasabi because it just works. With a five-minute conversation, our customers save money, encrypt their backups offsite, and sleep better at night.” For Mount and the team at Cutter Group, Wasabi’s simplicity enhances Cutter Group’s ability to provide seamless service. “We’re providing Wasabi to customers as a service, so the simplicity is great,” said Mount. “I don’t want to break out the calculator to find the daily rate of change, egress, or API calls per customer, and figuring out the cost for recovery is an awful conversation if a customer ever needed to restore their data. With Wasabi, if one of our customers ever needs to recover a load of data, there’s no bill for that. With Wasabi, we only pay for storage.”

Wasabi secures backups with S3 Object Lock

To ensure backup security, Cutter Group utilizes Wasabi’s S3 Object Lock for immutable backups, making backups untouchable for a duration of the customer’s choosing. “We use Wasabi’s S3 Object Lock with every single customer,” said Mount. “Wasabi’s immutability for offsite backups is a big selling point for our customers.” Mount shared that Wasabi’s ability to store offsite backups securely proved invaluable for one of Cutter Group’s end customers. Three weeks after this particular customer onboarded Wasabi, their data center flooded. “One of our customers’ ceilings fell in. Pipes in the ceiling soaked their backup server environment, and they lost all their on-premises backups. We restored all their backup data to a new server in minutes by retrieving it from Wasabi.” Mount shared that by egressing backups from Wasabi, Cutter Group restored over 50 terabytes of data without paying additional charges to recover their data. “The customer just smiled. They had signed up for Wasabi only three weeks earlier, and already Wasabi provided retention and restoration without fees or added hassle.”


In the future, Cutter Group will continue to support its customers by providing technical excellence and first-class customer support. “We want to complement our customers’ business and help provide the best service possible. We’re not forcing any technologies or solutions that don’t fit, and we don’t want to sell our customers anything they don’t need,” said Mount, “Wasabi works for so many different use cases. We’re looking for anything else we can use it for.”

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