Australian IT provider Boxtech scaled storage while increasing security with Wasabi + Veeam

October 30, 2023By Carson Barcome

Boxtech is a cloud and IT solutions provider that offers private cloud infrastructure for Australian businesses, specializing in the healthcare, construction and education sectors. Their primary service is to enhance security, backup capacity, redundancy and overall performance by transitioning their customers’ on-premises IT solutions to the cloud.


Boxtech sought a data storage solution that was not only secure but could separate customers’ cloud data, ensuring that each one had its own self-contained, encrypted environment. The goal was not just about account separation but improving their customers’ overall security and making data management more straightforward from Boxtech’s perspective. Furthermore, Boxtech was on the lookout for a backup solution that was economical yet efficient. The company needed their cloud storage solution to scale as their business grows and economic predictability was crucial in this regard. Because of their work in the healthcare sector, Boxtech needed to comply with Australian data sovereignty laws that require all healthcare data be geolocated within the country. “The healthcare industry is very heavily regulated in Australia, and one of the most regulated industries in the world in terms of what healthcare businesses need to do to fulfill accreditation and guidelines from different regulatory bodies,” said Shaun Byrnes, Operations Manager at Boxtech.


The search for a robust solution to their security and customer data management challenges began with its long-term backup partner, Veeam. Wasabi had recently opened its Sydney storage region, making its storage compatible with local data sovereignty regulations. On Veeam’s recommendation Boxtech was introduced to Wasabi for its attractive pricing, platform offerings, and overall capacity, which the company found more appealing than building further infrastructure atop Azure. “Having a cost-effective platform to have those additional backup redundancies has been a real efficiency for us, in terms of rolling it out and in maintaining it,” said Shaun. The key element of the solution was Wasabi Account Control Manager, which allows Boxtech to centrally manage all of its customers’ storage accounts from a single Control Account, granting greater visibility and analytics from a top-down perspective. Wasabi Account Control Manager offered a platform that was not just about account separation but also provided an added layer of security. By making each customer’s data independent of one another, the risk of potential breaches or data leakage between customers was drastically reduced. The tool’s ease of use made it simpler for Boxtech to manage individual client environments without the hassles that come with intertwined data sets.

The Wasabi pricing model, which doesn’t have ingress or egress fees, certainly makes things a lot easier from an administration billing perspective. The fact that we don’t need to monitor and maintain that and then consider those additional charges in our pricing model to our customers is really helpful.”

— Shaun Byrnes, Operations Manager, Boxtech


The integration of Wasabi into Boxtech's solutions was a huge success for the Australian company. Boxtech benefited from an enhanced degree of security. Their customers all have their own individual encryption keys, substantially lowering the risk of data breaches for each account. This independence of data not only improved security but also simplified management and administrative tasks for Boxtech. 

With Veeam acting as the backup provider, Boxtech’s customers could send their data to Wasabi’s low-cost, high-performance cloud storage and take advantage of increased security features like Object Lock for immutability. This feature has been essential to the Boxtech team as they continue to work in verticals which increasingly have requirements for backup immutability. 

Wasabi’s pricing, features and general capacity gave Boxtech the confidence to adopt it over building further infrastructure on top of Azure. The company found Wasabi's pricing structure more appealing, allowing them to allocate resources more efficiently, also noting the appealing lack of egress fees. Shaun said the simplified pricing structure was key for keeping his customers satisfied. “The Wasabi pricing model, which doesn't have ingress or egress fees, certainly makes things a lot easier from an administration billing perspective. The fact that we don't need to monitor and maintain that and then consider those additional charges in our pricing model to our customers is really helpful. We don't charge any of our customers ingress or egress fees in our billing model anyways. It's nice to not have that with the backend providers we're choosing,” said Shaun.  

Furthermore, Boxtech experienced seamless cooperation with Wasabi, from architectural discussions to technical and sales support, facilitated by Veeam. This close collaboration meant that Boxtech could swiftly integrate Wasabi's solutions and immediately benefit from them. 

What's Next: 

As Boxtech looks to the future, the horizon is filled with opportunities for innovation, growth and enhanced service offerings. With their foundational partnership with Wasabi in place, they're poised to tackle new challenges and opportunities that come their way. 

Thanks to the increased security from Wasabi Account Control Manager and immutability support with Object Lock, Boxtech is confident to double-down on their key industries with strong compliance support. Through the COVID-19 pandemic, Boxtech confidently served these sectors and plans to continue expanding within these industries, awaiting any new offerings from both Wasabi and Veeam. The entire experience with Wasabi left Boxtech pleased and reassured in their choice of backup and data management solution.  

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