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Optimize Media Storage Across Your Organization with Telestream and Wasabi

Telestream provides world-class solutions spanning the media supply chain for live and on-demand digital video tools and workflow solutions. Combined with Wasabi hot cloud storage, Telestream customers can gain access to a tier of low-cost, high-performance cloud storage for archival or nearline use cases.

Telestream DIVA

Create. Archive. Monetize.

Telestream’s DIVA software suite is the world’s leading and most trusted Content Storage Management solution. DIVA makes it easy for media organizations to manage their digital content across broadcast, production and archive operations, and across multiple locations.

Combined with Wasabi hot cloud storage, DIVA users can migrate content to the cloud for improved remote access, enhanced security and cost savings. Wasabi provides content owners with immediate and infinite hot storage capacity at flat-rate pricing with no unpredictable fees for data egress or API calls.

Telestream Kumulate

Get more from your video

Kumulate content storage management software lets you easily and efficiently manage your valuable digital media content and all related information throughout its entire lifecycle. Providing a simple, unified interface for managing both video and non-video assets, Kumulate eliminates the typical complexity of media management.

The Wasabi-Kumulate solution combines the efficiencies of intelligent media management with the economics and agility of cloud storage, helping video production and operations teams store and manage massive video libraries—quickly, easily and cost-effectively.