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Next Generation Backup & Restoration with StorageCraft + Wasabi

No two organizations have identical IT environments or business needs, but what is consistent across all organizations, large and small, is the need to protect themselves from unplanned downtime—both everyday disruptions and major disasters. With demands for 24/7 availability and data growth skyrocketing, an organization’s ability to quickly recover its mission-critical systems and resume normal business operations is crucial.

Wasabi has partnered with StorageCraft, an Arcserve company, to provide integration with their data protection solutions – OneXafe Solo appliance and ShadowXafe software as well as their legacy product, ShadowProtect. With Wasabi’s low-cost, high-performance cloud storage, StorageCraft customers can ensure business continuity in the event of a disaster while keeping all data secure.

StorageCraft ShadowXafe & ShadowProtect: Powerful Next-Generation Data Protection

The StorageCraft products ShadowXafe and ShadowProtect provide comprehensive backup protection, reliable recovery, and system migration in a single, cross-platform solution that supports Windows and Linux systems on virtual and physical machines. ShadowXafe and ShadowProtect centralize an organization’s critical infrastructure into a single interface and provide SLA-driven data management for the entire data protection lifecycle. Data can be recovered at the file or folder level for granular restores or perform a full-scale restoration in minutes. In the event of a disaster, the products can provide rapid failover to physical or virtual machines (VMs) with VirtualBoot technology, reducing potential downtime and keeping your business going.

OneXafe Solo Offers Radical Simplicity for Protecting Smaller Environments

StorageCraft’s OneXafe Solo is a plug-and-play appliance that streams data directly to the cloud with a cloud-based, anywhere, anytime management through any web browser. OneXafe Solo is powered by the same data protection technology that drives ShadowXafe software, giving you access to its suite of business continuity features and single-screen interface. It is extremely easy to deploy and manage all within simple steps: plug it in, connect to the internet, and start protecting data in minutes.

Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage Delivers Breakthrough Economics and Performance

Wasabi is a universal, one-size-fits-all cloud object storage service that eliminates other cloud storage services’ complexity and expense. Wasabi offers a single tier of high-performance storage that is 80% less costly than Amazon’s S3 service and does not include any of the expensive and unpredictable fees for data egress, API calls, and other data management actions. Wasabi is engineered for extreme data integrity and security, providing eleven 9s of object durability. Wasabi also supports configurable data immutability to protect against any accidental data deletions or malicious attacks against stored assets. A parallelized system architecture delivers superior read/write performance, so users can rapidly move files in and out of Wasabi at no additional cost.

Wasabi + StorageCraft Provide Bottomless Storage and Rapid Recovery

By combining Wasabi’s infinitely affordable cloud storage with StorageCraft’s best-of-breed data protection products, your business can quickly and cost-effectively store vast amounts of data which can be quickly accessed and restored anywhere. Storing data offsite in the cloud adds a security layer. ShadowXafe and ShadowProtect can display your Wasabi data alongside local storage as part of their unified data management system, giving you a holistic view of your system.

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