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Using Rubrik and Wasabi together, enterprises free data from underlying infrastructure for ultimate workload portability and lower costs. Cloud vendor lock-in can be avoided by migrating data from public cloud to public cloud to optimize application service quality. With Wasabi, there are no egress fees, meaning that data transfer out from public cloud provider to the internet will never incur a charge.

Rubrik Partners with Wasabi

For cloud applications, Rubrik Cloud Data Management may be run as a software instance and scale protection in-line with cloud service consumption. Protect cloud-native applications (such as Windows and Linux- based applications, SQL databases) by writing to Wasabi’s hot cloud storage.



Wasabi + Rubrik | Wasabi

Wasabi and Rubrik have partnered up to help organizations backup and store important data to a fast and affordable cloud service.

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Partner Solution Brief

API-driven cloud archival, backup and recovery

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Case Study

Rubrik Earns High Marks for Delivering Ransomware Protection and Automation to Novato Unified School District

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Knowledge Base

How do I use Rubrik with Wasabi? Learn how to integrate our solutions.

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Industry Solution Brief

Use Wasabi for affordable, fast and reliable data protection for servers, desktops and mobile devices.

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